7 Best Portable Ultrasound Machines for Home [Updated]

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For years, doctors have requested patients to use ultrasound technology to aid in recovery. Patients visit the doctor regularly for recovery sessions and seek the benefits of ultrasound therapy. But what does ultrasound therapy do? How do we use it and where can we buy one? – We’ve got all these questions covered in this article and will be explaining how a home ultrasound machine speeds up the healing process to improve blood circulation in an injured area. 

However, if you are planning a visit to your doctor’s clinic to benefit from ultrasound therapy, wait! Consider using a home ultrasound therapy machine. If you want to purchase an ultrasound therapy machine, or wish to upgrade from the one you have, read through our list of the best ultrasound therapy machines. We have listed the pros and cons of each device for your convenience. Similarly, if you have recurring pain in your wrist, make sure to check our list of the best wrist braces to improve your wrist health. 

Home ultrasound machines are incredibly beneficial for people with injury or chronic pain. These machines offer increased circulation, which ensures a more considerable nutrient flow and, in turn, rebuilds the specific area better. It reaches the infected area and improves healing tenfold. You can now get all the benefits of Ultrasound therapy right in your home. Ultrasound machines are different when compared to Tens Units. Click here for our list of the best tens units available online. 

Moreover, most of these home ultrasound therapy machines are portable and hence can travel anywhere with the users. This way, the patient can administer treatment wherever he may go. Additionally, the best home ultrasound machine can save patients on their bills and reduce their painkiller intake. On the topic of the best medical devices to have in your inventory, our list of the best pulse oximeters should guide you to the best tool in its range. 

So, How Exactly Home Ultrasound Therapy Machines Work?

Like ultrasound therapy machines at the clinic, home ultrasound machines also use sound waves. These waves are above the range of human hearing to cure injuries like runners’ knee or muscle strains. The only difference between the two is that home ultrasound therapy machines are portable. They can be used to cure only some of the body parts’ pain.

Most of such machines possess clinical-grade quality. Therefore, they are used by physical therapists as well. You can instantly adjust these units for different intensities and frequencies. These are of sound above the range of human hearing to get rid of that nasty pain. Ultrasound therapy machines are similar to ECG monitors, and here is our list of the best ECG monitors available for purchase. 

Did you know?

 Ultrasound Therapy has been in use since the 40’s and science has taken the device to greater heights in today’s medical field. Treatment using ultrasonic therapy has evolved into fat control and advanced healing. 

Overall Best Home Ultrasound Machine – UltraCare Pro

Ultra Care Pro for Pain Relief for Home Use –  One of the best selling portable ultrasound machines worldwide and overall best ultrasound unit for home use because it is lightweight, easy to use, and offers instant relief from pain. It also helps in reducing swelling and inflammation.

Other Portable Ultrasound Machines [Summary]

1) Digital ULTRASONIC 1 & 3 - Physiogears – An advanced Ultrasonic device used to rid pain and break fat deposits in the body.  

2) No products found. – Get fit fast with the Vansaile Ultrasound machine. It’s excellent for keeping the pain away too!

3) PCD - Physiotherapy Ultrasound Ultrasonic Therapy Machine – The speedy results from the PCD ultrasonic machine will shock you. 

4) PHYSIOTREX® Physio Solutions Physiotherapy Equipments Super Deluxe Digital Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Machine – The speedy results from the Physiotrex ultrasonic machine will shock you. 

5) US PRO 2000 DU3035 With Free Subzero Pain Relief Roll – The US Pro 2000 relives pain using advanced technology and is entirely safe. 

6) US PRO 2000 Pain Relief Kit Drug-Free Pain Management with free subzero Pain Relief Gel and Hot Cold Compress Gel Pad – Here comes the best in pain relief, the US Pro 2000 Pain relief kit lets you live a pain-free life. 

7) Personal Care Relief - Ultra Sound Machine – If you are looking for an easy to use, quick remedy for pain, the Personal Care Relief machine is your best bet. 

Top Portable Ultrasound Home Therapy Machines [Detailed]

If you are planning to buy the best home ultrasound therapy machine, you could mess up with numerous options and choices. To make things easier for you, we have listed the ten best home ultrasound therapy machines below:

1) Digital ULTRASONIC 1 & 3 from Physiogears
Digital ULTRASONIC 1 & 3
  • Used for physio therapy at clinics
  • Is easy to use due to the simple design
  • Treats you with physio therapy
  • Have effective changes and improves health
  • Breaks fatty deposits and celluliteImproves circulation/relieves congestion

If you are looking for a therapeutic device that can quickly eliminate your pain, the Digital Ultrasonic 1 and 3 Machine from Physiogears can help. Results are what every consumer looks for, and this device is nothing short of spectacular in this regard. Using Ultrasonic pulses, the device applies pressure in the form of a shock wave over the affected area. It’s not only durable but also a very reliable device and provides improved healing on injuries. If you need another reason to buy the Digital Ultrasonic 1 and 3, how can it break down fatty cells and push your body into a state of revitalization? It’s true and easily one of the best devices in this category. It adjusts the chemical environment of the injury and releases tissue-producing chemicals in the body. Additionally, it also increases cell wall permanence. The device breaks down fatty cells and improves health. In case you need to upgrade, check out our list of the best-infrared thermometers available online. 

The device is great for sports enthusiasts as it treats sports injuries and helps cellular rebuilding. 



Professional pain relief combo unit

Improves blood circulation

Breaks down fatty cells



Perfect for home use but not ideal for travel

2) Vansaile Best 40KHz Panda Box Ultrasonic Liposuction Cavitation Slimming Machine

No products found.

Vansaile brings you a surgery-free body shaping technique that helps eliminate the creation of cellulite and fat deposits in the stomach, hips, thighs, and knees. It improves blood circulation and promotes healing. It’s mighty and uses red photons to churn that fat out of your system and allows you to pinpoint places you want to rid of fat. It’s easy to use, and when it comes to results – it never fails to deliver. 

Additionally, the device lets you burn more calories and fat cells, which helps you look stunning after every session. You can use this professional device to comfort your home and enjoy a one-year warranty with a 3-week return policy if there are no results. You are looking for forehead thermometers, check out our list of the best forehead thermometers available online. 



Pinpoints fat cells and eliminates them

Works on all parts of the body

Quick effects

One year warranty

3 Weeks money-back guarantee



The device does not work with 360 gel. Works best with Medvat Gel. 

3) Ultra Care Pro for Pain Relief (Best ultrasound therapy device for home use) 

Ultra Care Pro Ultrasound Physical Therapy Machine for Pain Relief for Home Use UTM
36 Reviews
Ultra Care Pro Ultrasound Physical Therapy Machine for Pain Relief for Home Use UTM
  • One of the Largest selling unit worldwide, Frequency 1 Mhz, Microprocessor controlled Digital Unit
  • Pulsed and Continuous application, Durable body with one comfortable wide transducer for broader part of body
  • Therapeutic provides therapeutic deep heat treatment for Relaxation, Reduce swelling and inflammation. Promote the synthesis of proteins inside the cells,...
  • Frequency : 1 MHz, Output : 15 Acoustic, Head : 3.0 watts/cm2 Treatment Time : 0-30 Min Modes: continuous and pulse waves. Available voltage: 110v/220v
  • Main Unit : 01 Qty. Applicator :01 Qty. Power cord :01 Qty Instruction Manual :01 No

The Ultra Care Pro for pain relief is one of the biggest selling machines worldwide and one of the best ultrasound units for home use. Infact, we put it on the top of the list because it is worth the money and a device that offers professional results. If you frequent the doctor’s clinic just to get an ultrasound therapy, why not get your own and let the healing take place in the comfort of your home? With a frequency of 1 Mhz, it comes with a microprocessor-controlled digital group. It is a perfect ultrasound therapy machine for home use because it is lightweight, easy to use, and offers instant relief. 

The continuous and pulsed application delivers a quick pain relief mechanism that matches the effect of a medical professional’s touch. Designed in a durable body, it comes with a comfortable wide transducer to alleviate pain from more significant parts. This is also why athletes use this device to reduce pain and improve performance. 

This therapeutic machine provides deep heat treatment to reduce swelling, reduce inflammation, and offer absolute relaxation. Use of this machine promotes the synthesis of proteins within the cells, enhances regeneration of wounded tissues, accelerates the cell’s metabolism, and boosts lymphatic drainage with cellulite reduction. Our list of the most expensive stethoscopes available for purchase online are also a great companion for doctors. 



  • Biggest selling machine worldwide
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Microprocessor controlled digital unit
  • Lightweight
  • Offers instant relief to the users
  • Continuous and pulsed application
  • Durable body
  • Useful for more full and smaller body parts
  • Delivers continuous waves
  • Excellent affordability 



  • Does not supports advanced technology
  • It lacks automatic shut off and dual-mode functionality

4) PCD – Physiotherapy Ultrasound Ultrasonic Therapy Machine

Physiotherapy Ultrasound Ultrasonic Therapy Machine
  • deep heat treatment for relaxation Reduce swelling and inflammation. Promote the synthesis of proteins inside the cells Lymphatic Drainage with cellulite...

PCDs Ultrasound Machine is a beautiful device that encourages relaxation to your muscles while reducing swelling and inflammation. The first thing you need to look at for a medical device is the brand. PCD has a reputed name in the industry, and this particular device has the rejuvenating abilities of a professional tool. You won’t have to revisit the doctor once you use the PCD Ultrasonic Therapy Machine. And no, you don’t need formal training to use it. It promotes blood flow and metabolism, allowing the protein to reach affected areas quickly. The synthesis f protein around the lymphatic drainage occurs with reduced cellulite formation. This helps regenerate wounded tissues and accelerates healing. Additionally, nebulizers are also a great device to keep ready. Check out our list of the best nebulizers available. 



Easy to use

Useful for travelers

Improves blood circulation

Quick results

Improves metabolism

Reduces cellulite formation around wounds



The product does not come with a manual; refer to the YouTube video manual for details on the use of the product. 

5) PHYSIOTREX® Physio Solutions Physiotherapy Equipments Super Deluxe Digital Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Machine

PHYSIOTREX® Physio Solutions Physiotherapy Equipments Super Deluxe Digital Ultrasonic/Ultrasound Machine 1 MHz
  • Continuous output is preferable for following indications Chronic Neuromata Myalgia Sudek”s syndrome Tethered scar tissue- This should be treated as early as...
  • Technical Specification: Frequency : 1 MHz Ultrasound Output : 15 Acoustic Ultrasound Head : 2.2 watts/cm2 Modes: continuous and pulse waves. Treatment Time :...
  • Standard Accessories : Main Unit :01 No. Ultrasound Applicator :01 No. Power cable : 01 No. Instruction Manual :01 No. Power Supply : 110 V
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound provides therapeutic deep heat treatment for Relaxation Reduce swelling and inflammation.Promote the synthesis

The Physiotrex ultrasound machine comes with a one-year warranty card and helps you relieve pain when used. The device increases blood circulation around your injury using pulsed ultrasound. The device has a 1MHz Frequency and 15 acoustic ultrasound head of 2.2 watts per cm. Working on healing tender muscles, it uses 1MHz of frequency and has an electronic timer of 0 to 99 minutes. If that doesn’t spell convenience, you should know how compact the device is and its super light. 

There are two modes present on the device, allowing you to use either continuous or pulse waves to heal your injury. The treatment time is 20 minutes. 

Additionally, the device comes with a power cable and instruction manual and requires a 110V power supply. So, if you ave inflammation and want to reduce swelling, the Physiotrex is your best choice for muscle relaxation. Medical experts are advised to check our list of the best set of medical gloves – our top recommendations. 



Reduces inflamation

Easy to Use

Comes with a manual

Works in 20 minutes

Comes in two modes – Pulse or Continuous waves



Perfect for home use but not a travel-friendly product


It takes one session with the right device to see improvements in your wrinkles and pain relief.

6) US PRO 2000 DU3035

If you are looking for quick relief, a non-drug solution to get rid of pain, the US PRO 2000 is your best bet. Are you suffering from chronic muscle spasms? If yes, the US Pro 2000 is not only your best choice for relief, but it works to eliminate the injury from recurring. The preheating function allows you to use it comfortably. The device is easy to use and comes with a bunch of accessories, including gel and spray. All you have to do is apply the gel on the affected area and use the pulses from the device to heal your injuries quickly. You do not require a prescription to place your order, and you can enjoy this drug-free solution quickly as we have same-day shipping. Check out our list of the most expensive hearing aids online, and how they can benefit you!



Improves blood circulation

Three levels of intensity

Uses Ultrasonic Pulses to Heal Injuries



Takes a little longer than other products to produce results

7) Personal Care Relief Ultra Sound Machine – Portable

For travelers, the Personal Care Relief Portable Ultra Sound machine is an amazing choice for everyday use. The device offers quick relief from pain and comes in a safe carry case. However, you can also use the device in the comfort of your home because it’s lightweight and easy to use attributes. The results are why we place this device on our list and the fact that it has amazing reviews on Amazon. Check out the link above for more details, or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. As a bonus, the device also has a hot and cold pack, which can be used whenever required. Apply the gel on the affected area and allow the device to run pulses through your skin, over the gel. It’s easy to use and convenient to carry around. To sum it up, you are not just buying a device; it’s a whole kit! 



Improved muscle recovery

omes with a gel and spray

Hot/Cold pack included in the accessories



The device has to be used regularly for optimum results

  • Note: Though the ultrasonic therapy is great for healing, it can have an adverse effect if used for too long. The effect is called a microplosion, and it means your healing has turned to cellular damage.

Buyer’s Guide to Buying the Best Home Ultrasound Machine

The best home ultrasound therapy machines have been designed to generate different frequencies for different applications. Even though there are varieties of options available, selecting the perfect device is difficult. 

To select the right product, there are numerous factors that you must consider. Some of them are mentioned right below!

  • Quality of Ultrasound Produced

You can identify the quality of a home ultrasound therapy machine by considering its beam non-uniformity ratio or BNR. This ratio will tell you about the beam of energy produced by the device and its distribution to the body parts. The higher the BNR is, the better is the quality of the ultrasound unit.

  • Radiating Area

The Effective Radiating Area or ERA of an ultrasound therapy unit refers to the area on your skin that will receive its peak energy. In most of the cases, the ERA of a machine is quite smaller than the sound head. But while purchasing a device, you must consider the ERA of the machine to get targeted therapy. In case you have recurring pain on your back, check our list of the top back braces you can purchase and keep that swelling at bay. 

Additional Points To Consider

  • Ultrasound Frequency

There are different types of portable ultrasound therapy units available. And, not all of the same generate the same frequency. Thus, you need to be more careful and select one that is best suited to your application.

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Your body tissues absorb the acoustic energy generated from the machine. This will depend on numerous aspects, including the ultrasound frequency. The ultrasound waves of higher rates are absorbed more rapidly than those produced at a lower frequency.

  • Adjustability

The home ultrasound therapy machine may be used from one patient to another. To reap the best benefits, it is suggested to purchase an adjustable machine. The top-notch home ultrasound devices offer numerous adjustable parameters in their units.

For example, some of the ultrasound machines will allow you to alter the amplitude of ultrasound waves. This will help you regulate the amount of energy produced at the sound head of the unit. With an adjustable unit, you can conveniently alter numerous treatment parameters following the desired effect. If you like this device and need to invest in the right first aid kit, here’s a list of our most expensive first-aid kits. 

Final Words

It is quite challenging to manage the pain associated with conditions like arthritis or pain associated with injuries. This can become trickier if you adopt the wrong pain management strategy. If you are recovering from an injury, it is always better to keep a set of crutches ready at home. Here’s our list of the best crutches money can buy. 

It is possible to effectively treat and combat pain with the devices mentioned in this post. Using ultrasound therapy gives you better effects than using painkillers and other treatments. The best portable ultrasound therapy machine can offer you drug-free treatment. For the latest news and updates on ultrasound therapy treatment, check out the medical life sciences’ updates. 

Just consider our best home ultrasound machine reviews and suggestions. The choices mentioned in this post will help you purchase the best ultrasound machine for home use.

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