Best Tens Unit For Instant Pain Relief: Our Reviews And Recommendations

Best Tens Unit -The Ultimate Guide

Muscle cramps and injuries happen everyday and caused by differnt reasons. We look for ways to prevent these injuries from happening and look even more for a cure. A massage is the best way to relax your muscles and reduce pain. But inflammation can happen anywhere and it causes your muscles to become stiff. At times, this pain is unbearable and it requires more than just a massage. For this reason, people look for the best tens unit to keep themselves healthy and active.

A Tens Unit is a revolutionary product that uses electrotherapy to stimulate your muscles. The reason is, the effect of this is a massage over your joints and targetted muscles. They are great for sports and are often used as a warm-up process. People with different ailments like arthritis or sore muscles use the Tens Unit to treat their injuries. You can apply the device on different parts of your body and make the most of it. Let’s get through the basics. People often confuse tens untis with ultra sound therapy machines, but this article will clear your doubts on the devices and how a tens unit can be very beneficial to the user.

What Is A Tens Unit?

Although the word indicates a number, the Tens stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. What this means is, it is a device specifically designed to target muscle injuries, soreness, arthritis, or body pain, and applies an electric current to your skin. It stimulates the muscles which result in a very relaxing feeling. Athletes, Corporate executives, elderly individuals, and just about anyone can use this device and reap the benefits of good health. 

These devices are portable. Depending upon your brand of choice, you can get a ton of features and durability as well. This device is very beneficial to users who need to work on stiff muscles and relax after a heavy workout or hard day at work. Today, doctors around the world are recommending the device as a non-drug option against body pain. 

How Do The Best Tens Unit Work?

When you purchase a Tens EMS Unit, the device will come with a bunch of pads. These pads are called electrodes, and they stick to your body. Once you attach them to the targeted muscle, you can select a mode and intensity of shock on the device. The Tens Unit then sends an electric current through the electrodes into the skin, and it stimulates the affected area of the muscle. You can use the product on your back, hands, legs, neck, feet, and even joints. Sports enthusiasts use the device as a way to warm up because it loosens the muscles before a workout.  

Tens Units are the size of your mobile phone. Most of the good ones come with a USB charger and can be used anywhere. They help you improve your strength and endurance through muscle recovery and relaxation. Let’s look at the top Tens Unit brands available online. 

Our Top Tens Unit Picks  – Recommendations

1)TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessorie TENS 7000 is a muscle relaxer that’s easy to operate and works for muscles and joints. 

2)Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief – With 24 modes of muscle relaxation the Belifu is on our list for the best Tens Unit. 

3)AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine – If you need a product for daily use, the Auvon Dual Channel Tens Unit is your best choice. 

4) NueMedics Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager – By offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, NueMedics gives you a product that will take your pain away for sure. 

5)No products found. – With the handy case, you get a level of professionalism and clinical results with Healthstar PRO. 

6)AccuRelief TENS Unit Pain Relief System - Muscle Stimulator For Pain Relief – With instant results, this device is one of the best tens units on our list. 

7)NueMedics Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator 12 Massage Modes – NueMedics never disappoint. With 12 massage modes, you can get the best in muscle pain relief from this device. 

8)Shield Touchscreen Rechargeable TENS Unit Electronic Massager – With a bright, large touch screen, you can use this device anywhere and at any time. 

9)iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager – A reliable tens unit with 8 pads and 25 levels of intensity. 

10)Core Products Core Pain Remedy Plus Wireless TENS – The wireless EMS Tens Unit for convenience and muscle recovery

Now that you’re familiar with how a ten’s unit works, you need to know which are the best products in the market. Take a look at our recommendations below:

Best Tens Unit For Back Pain

1) TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit With Accessories
  • NEED PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH PAIN RELIEF? A TENS unit muscle stimulator and electric massager that provides pain relief, acts as a muscle massager or shoulder...
  • OVER 1M TENS 7000 DEVICES SOLD: A consumer over the counter favorite back pain relief device and a leader in physical therapy equipment for providing immediate...
  • A LEADER SINCE 2008: A 10+ year favorite TENS device among medical professionals for delivering drug-free back pain relief as well as treating common ailments...
  • GET IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF: TENS machine comes with multiple TENS therapy modes that will provide instant muscle pain relief. An electrotherapy machine with...
  • DUAL CHANNEL TENS UNIT: The TENS 7000 TENS unit provides TENS therapy and is a muscle stimulator, nerve stimulator, and electric massager with independent dual...

Back pain is a common injury in society and ranges from mild to severe pain. Back pain caused by sitting, bad posture, lifting heavy weights, or even ageing can make you think twice about your next move. Pain relief comes easy with the Tens 7000 unit. The device offers a solution to sharp pains and muscle relaxation by merely applying the device on the specific part of your body. The tool is easy to use, and the intensity value ranges from 0-100mA in 10mA increments. You can choose between five modes, including burst, strength one and two, modulation, and normal. It requires a 9volt battery and is very useful for neck, back, shoulder, leg, and hand pain. For similar products on pain relief, we have a list of the best wrist braces you can purchase online. 

What we like:

1) The amazing performance

2) Ease of use

3) Five modes for different situations

4) Hard Carry Case

5) 1-year warranty

What we didn’t like:

The screen does not have a light option. You cannot use the device in the dark. 

Best Portable Tens Unit

2) Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief

Belifu Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit 24 Modes Muscle Stimulator for Pain Relief Therapy, Electronic Pulse Massager Muscle Massager with 10 Pads, Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag,Fastening Cable Ties…
  • Multi-functional Tens Massager with 24 Preprogrammed Massage Modes for Pain and Muscle Relief. TENS unit help reduce pain and muscle spasms caused by a wide...
  • Free Dust-Proof Drawstring Storage Bag, Reusable Fastening Cable Ties and 10 Pcs of Self Adhesive Conductive Reusable Pads. No more cable mess after use with...
  • Non-Invasive, Non-Drug Choice for Relieving Pain. Great Device You Can Use at Home for Pain Management. If you have chronic or acute pain, just trying Belifu...
  • A/B Dual Channels with 24 Modes, 20 level Intensity and Time Control. relax Any Time Anywhere with Pocket Size! You can operate it with different intensity...
  • Built in Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery-- up to 20 Hours of Continuous Use. It can be connected to wall charger, power bank or laptop USB port to charge....

By lifting weights in a gym or going to an office where you sit for hours, could lead to strain on the lower back. By workouts such as running, you might have a cramp in your legs. For these conditions it is recommended to carry a portable Tens Unit so you can use it anywhere, at any time. Belifu’s Tens Unit allows you to have pain relief therapy in the comfort of your home with this product. With its multiple functions, the device relieves knee pain, muscle spasms, and even sports injuries. It is the best home choice for non-drug pain relief. It has 20 levels of intensity and time control. And not only is it the size of your mobile, but you can connect it to a wall or USB charger. It also charges using a power bank. 

What We Like:

1) It comes with ten pads

2) Easy to Use

3) Large Blue Screen

4) Efficient, immediate results

5) 20 levels of intensity 

6) Automatic switch-off

7) Comes with a dustproof bag

8) Convenient charging methods

What We Didn’t Like:

The problem with wires starts to show itself when you have ten different pad connected at different places. 

Best Tens Unit for Home – Multiple Users

3) AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine

AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator Machine with 20 Modes, 2" and 2"x4" TENS Unit Electrode Pads
  • Pain Relief Machine. The rechargeable electric muscle massager can stimulate the sensory nerves and muscles, activate specific natural pain gate mechanism,...
  • Up to 20 Modes. Pre-set modes offer you hammering, kneading, shiatsu and more choices to help relieve pain associated with aching and fatigue muscles in the...
  • Independent Mode Control. You can set separate modes and intensities for channel A and channel B. For example, you could choose Acupuncture mode in channel A...
  • Industry-Leading TENS Pads. The included electrode pads can provide excellent self-stick performance for up to 45 uses. The shaped 2" TENS electrodes are...
  • What You Receive: 1 x Dual Channel TENS Machine, 4 x 2" Square Electrode Pads, 4 x Large Rectangle 2"x4" Pads, 2 x Lead Wires, 1 x USB cable, 1 x USB Charger,1...

Having a Tens Unit that multiple people can use at a time is a luxury. This convenience is great for elderly couples and people who work out together. This dual-channel pain relief device offers 20 modes of intensity and is very effective on fatigued muscles. You can choose individual channels for different pads, and it works wonders on joint pains. The device has 10 hours of battery time uses the best pads in the industry. If you are looking for similar products to improve your home medical kit, take a look at this list of the most expensive first aid kits you can use at home. 

What we like:

1) Very compact size and weight

2) Dual channels and split usability

3) Comfortable pads

4) Works on muscle and joint pain

5) 20 modes of intensity

6) Convenient USB charging slot

7) Large Blue Screen

What we didn’t like:

Wires connect the device to the pads. You end up with too many cables to keep apart. 

Most Powerful Tens Unit

4) NueMedics Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager 24 Massage Modes Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator Device

Tens Unit Machine Pulse Massager 24 Massage Modes Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator Device with 10 Pads
  • USER FRIENDLY - Modes are clearly labelled as "Neck", "Shoulder","Back", "Elbow", "Hip", "Foot/Hands", "Knee", "Joint", "Acu", "Knead", "Tap", "Random" The...
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED ? :1x NueMedics Tens 24 Controller, 6 Large Electrodes ( Pads ), 2 Electrodes Cables, User's Manual, Usb and Wall Charger, 1x Pad and Wire...
  • WARRANTY: NueMedics Tens 24 Massager backed up with Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Power lifting, Sprinting, and other top sport athletes have to keep their muscles ready even after a hard days workout. For these conditions, you need a powerful Tens Unit that provides the required amount of satisfaction. NueMedics Pulse Massager is a great product for these situations. It is also recommended for people who come out of surgery and need to wake their muscles. With six large pads, this device offers powerful pain relief methods that keep your muscles in check after an intense workout. It works well on joints as well and is known for its ease of use features. It also has a large blue display screen and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are looking for similar medical equipment on a budget, take a look at our list of the best first aid kits for home emergencies. 

What We Like:

1) The hard case

2) Six Large Pulse Pads

3) Lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

4) USB charging

5) 24 pre-programmed modes

What We Didn’t like:

The device comes with only six pads, and all six pads are the same size. 

Best Tens EMS Unit for Home Use – Professional Set

5) The Healthstar Pro – Tens unit with accessories

No products found.

When you have a professional Tens Unit set, it projects a great image for your clients. The Healthstar Pro comes with all accessories in a large blue case. By sending soothing electrical pulses to different muscles of your body, this device is an excellent choice for homes, everywhere. If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel, neck pain, back, shoulder, elbow, knee, leg or foot pain, consider purchasing this device. There are five therapy modes, and it all works at the touch of a button. This Tens Unit has dual channels and is very useful. Similar products for pain relief such as the best back braces available online can be found this website. Make sure you take a look. 

What We Like:

1) Ease of use

2) Works well on targetted muscle

3) Comes with a handy case

4) Dual Channels

5) Comes with a user manual

What We Didn’t Like:

The device has only five pads and has no backlight on the screen.

Best Tens Ems Unit For Period Pain

6) AccuRelief TENS Unit Pain Relief System – Muscle Stimulator For Pain Relief 

AccuRelief TENS Unit Pain Relief System - Muscle Stimulator For Pain Relief From Back Pain, Neck Pain, And Other Body Pains - Clinical Strength OTC Approved
  • RELIEVE YOUR PAIN. A Dual Channel TENS unit and muscle stimulator that provides pain relief via clinical strength TENS therapy. Comes with everything you need...
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY AND TREATMENTS. The TENS machine is powerful, with 25 levels of adjustable intensity, 30 minute treatment with auto shut-off. The reusable...
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN. The AccuRelief TENS device is a TENS unit muscle stimulator that uses clinically proven technology for safe and effective pain relief. This...
  • EASY TO USE. With six preset programs that correspond to a selected body part & six additional programs for tailored treatment, this stim machine for muscles...
  • PAIN RELIEF DEVICE. Relieve your back pain or neck pain(and other body pain) with this Accurelief TENS unit. This TENS device is a nerve stimulator and muscle...

Period pains can make you stop all activities and ruin your mood. But the AccuRelief Tens Unit works by sending small shocks to your muscles and helps them relax. You can use it on your thighs and neck as well. Neck, shoulders, hands, back, joints, and legs are the options this device provides on-screen. But you can adjust the pulse and apply this device as a solution to period cramps as well. It is clinically proven to relieve pain instantly and is very easy to use. It works for 30 minutes and comes with a 1-year warranty. We have listed similar premium products such as the best pulse oximeters for you to improve your home medical equipment. 

What We Like:

1) The Blue Screen

2) Modern Design

3) 1-year warranty

4) 2 levels of intensity

What We Didn’t Like:

The device has a maximum of four pads. 

Best Medical Grade Tens Unit

7) NueMedics Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator 12 Massage Modes

Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator 12 Massage Modes [Lifetime Warranty] Electronic Pulse Massager Rechargeable Planters Fasciitis Tennis Elbow Carpal Tunnel Arthritis Bursitis Tendonitis (Black) …
  • NueMedics Tens 12 - It is a combination of TENS and PMS device, drug free method of pain relief used by Physical Therapists and prescribed Doctors for over 40...
  • User Friendly Interface - Modes are clearly labelled as "Neck", "Shoulder","Back", "Elbow", "Hip", "Foot/Hands", "Knee", "Joint", "Acu", "Knead", "Tap",...
  • FEATURES : 12 preprogramed massage modes. Tapping, Acupuncture, Deep Tissue, Foot, Cupping, Combo. Adjustable 20 to 60 minutes timer by using " T " button....
  • WHAT IS INCLUDED ? : 1x NueMedics Tens 12 Controller, 6 Large Electrodes ( Pads ), 2 Electrodes Cables, User's Manual, Usb and Wall Charger, 1x Pad and Wire...
  • WARRANTY: NueMedics Tens 12 Massager backed up with Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Not every household knows the importance of a Tens Unit. As a medical professional, it is important for your to have a good Tens Unit that works instantly on your patients. If you are looking for professional tools, Nuemedics never disappoints. This EMS Tens Unit increases natural endorphins which reduce pain in the targeted muscle or joint. The product has 12 modes and adjustable time usage from 20 to 60 minutes. A wall charger and USB cable are included. Nuemedics provides a lifetime warranty on this product. If you are looking for the best equipment such as this one without a budget crunch, take a look at this similar article on the most expensive hearing aids money can buy. 

What We Like

1) THe Convenient USB cable and charger

2) Lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

3) Large Blue Screen

4) 12 massage nodes

5) User-friendly interface

What We Didn’t Like:

The device has only 6 Pads, and all pads are the same size. 

Best Over The Counter Tens Unit

8) Shield Touchscreen Rechargeable TENS Unit Electronic Massager

Shield Touchscreen Rechargeable TENS Unit, Electronic Massager for Neck and Back Pain (2020 Model)
  • EASY TO USE LCD TOUCH SCREEN with LED backlights for convenient viewing in the dark and simplified user operation with a unit that fits into your hand and...
  • POWERFUL & RELIABLE LITHIUM ION RECHARGEABLE BATTERY just like your cell phone uses, so you receive hours of uninterrupted relief with clinical grade electronic...
  • ENJOY FREEDOM FROM MUSCLE, NERVE AND JOINT PAIN WHEREEVER YOU GO. Slip into your pocket or included armband to use at home, work or wherever you go. 4 sets of...
  • BUILT WITH SAFETY IN MIND, this combination TENS-EMS unit is approved for over the counter use. All 24 massage modes deliver the ideal 84mA and 1-110Hz...
  • HERE TO HELP- Backed by Our Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty and Our Personal One-Year Accidental Wear-and-Tear Free Replacement Guarantee!

For everyday use, you need a Tens Unit that is provided over the counter without a prescription. The Unit has to give you instant relief like a professional device. The Shield Electronic Massager is our recommendation for daily use. This TouchScreen Tens Unit is reliable and easy to use. Shields Touchscreen looks precisely like your smartphone and has a large blue display screen. It works on a lithium Ion Battery and has clinical-grade results. Additionally, it is portable and offers a range of 84mA and 1-110Hz Frequency. Also, it comes with 24 massage modes and has 20 intensity levels. For similar products that improve your health and healing, Bestratedddocs offers you articles such as this one and the best nebulizers available online. 

What We Like:

1) The Large Blue Touch Screen

2) Clinical Grade Results

3) 20 intensity levels

4) 24 modes

5) Eight different size pads

6) Lock And Unlock Feature

7) 30 minutes charging for 12 hours battery life

What We Didn’t like:

The screen light goes off after 10 seconds to save battery life. If you use it in the dark, you need to keep tapping the screen.

Best Tens Unit For Pregnant Women

9) iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

iReliev TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager & (8) Electrodes Pain Relief Bundle-100% Satisfaction or 14 Day $$ Back Guarantee. 2 Year Warranty.
  • What is TENS? Stands for "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation"- a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and...
  • Feature & Program Modes: Dual channel functionality, which means you can use with 2 electrode pads per channel for Smaller Body Parts or 4 For Large Body Parts...
  • Why iReliev is better: iReliev is Portable, Affordable & Effective. With 8 pre-set modes, iReliev is easier to use and quick navigate to the feature you want....
  • Special Features: Auto-lock your settings on the go to avoid accidental change, 3 included non-rechargeable AAA batteries while give you up to 30 hours, The...
  • What the System Includes: iReliev Dual Channel TENS Device, 3-AAA non-rechargeable batteries to get maximum output power (80mA), 2-lead wires (1 lead wire per...

Pregnancy leads to swelling in the feet, hands, neck, and back pain. These cases get worse as time passes and at certain times, the pain becomes unbearable. By using a Tens Unit, the nerves in your muscles send signals that eliminate the feeling of pain and allows your body to recovery. For pregnant women, the iReliev keeps the pain at bay until necessary. When a company offers you a 14-day money-back guarantee, you know how good their product can be. The iReliev is a therapeutic device that is reliable and works wonders for large muscles of the body. The pulse massager reduces cramps for pregnant women and comes with a dual output. It has 25 intensity levels and has eight pads. We have listed similar products that are making waves in the market such as this list of the best lightweight wheel chairs available online. 

What We Like:

1) Great design and interface

2) Dual Output

3) Auto-lock setting 

4) Great on large muscles of the body

5) 30-hours battery life

6) Works on AAA batteries

What We Didn’t Like:

The screen does not light up. You cannot use the device in the dark.

Best Wireless Tens Unit

10) Core Products Core Pain Remedy Plus Wireless TENS

Core Products ELT-2701 Pain Remedy Plus Wireless TENS Unit
  • 2.25" x .5" receiver
  • DC 3.7V Lithium battery
  • Asymmetric biphasic pulseIntensity at 0-80 mA @ 500
  • 100µS pulse width

The world is going wireless, and you should be too. Core Products has a durable wireless EMS Tens Unit that eliminates body pain with its five electrodes. You no longer have to worry about tangled wires. Additionally, the device works wonders on your muscles. The device is small but very convenient and easy to use. It comes with a wall charger and a USB cable for charging. If you are looking for medical equipment similar to this one, take a look at our list of the best forehead thermometers available online. 

What We Like:

1) USB Charging

2) Easy to Use

3) Wireless Product

4) Effective

What We Don’t like:

The device comes with just five electrodes. 

Reasons Why You Need a Tens Unit

For any of the following ailments, we recommend using a Tens Unit without fail. Consult your doctor on which device would be the best and make use of it today.

For Muscle Problems:

  • Caused By Long Hours of work
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle spasms

For Joint and Bone Related Problems:

  • Tennis Elbow
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis

Specific to Women:

  • Labour muscle cramps
  • Menstrual Cramps

Additional Cases:

  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Migraines and recurring headaches

The Difference between EMS and Tens Units

EMS stands for Electrical muscle stimulation. This device stimulates your muscles to prevent soreness and atrophy. After surgery, you don’t use your muscle for a long time. As a result, The muscles become weak, and it requires a boost. The EMS sends electric pulses to the nerves and muscles, which wake up the sleeping muscle. It promotes muscle strength and replicates muscle pain which works through the nervous system. 

A Tens Unit works differently. It reduces pain by preventing the nerves from sending signals to the brain. The Tens Unit calms you down. Additionally, it relaxes your muscles and allows them to recover without the pain factor. Also, the tens unit does not wake the muscle but instead puts it to sleep while it regenerates. 

The Buyers Guide to get the Best Tens Unit for your requirement

It is often best that you shop with complete information on what to look for in a product. Tens Units come in different shapes and sizes. Though they have the same function, certain features outside the purpose could be vital to your purchase. 

Physical Aspects

  1. Display – Look out for large screens that have backlights. You can use these products in the dark, and they are instrumental when so you can see how much intensity to apply. This feature is very crucial for elders. You can also try a touch screen device as they are handy, just like your mobile phone. 
  2. Size – Having a convenient smaller-sized device helps you carry it along everywhere. But smaller devices lack many other features and mostly come with a single output. Choose a device that you can carry along and one which does not become bulky when in a case. 
  3. Battery – The type of battery and battery life are essential when picking the best Tens Unit. Some products can be USB charged, while others require AA or AAA batteries. Choose a device that is more convenient to your lifestyle and has a decent amount of battery life. 
  4. Number of Electrodes – Some devices are big and have upto ten electrodes. These pads come in different shapes and sizes and offer different output levels. Make sure you have the choice instead of getting a minimal number of electrodes. Try picking a device that provides a different intensity for each electrode while they run at the same time. 

Market Aspects

  1. Price – The price of the product defines what level of satisfaction and money value you should attain from this device. In addition to this, if you purchase an expensive device lookout for extra features that could make it more convenient to use. 
  2. Warranty – If a company offers you a warranty or a return policy, it means they are earnest about the performance of their products. Those are the devices you should consider first. In case there are any defects on arrival, you have the option to get a new product or change it if the effect is not satisfactory. 
  3. Intensity Levels – If a product has a high-intensity level of 30, that does not mean it is more than another brand’s level of 25. This feature means different products mean different levels for their intensity readings. Consequently, there is no constant level of measuring intensity. 

Additional Features

  1. Wireless – No wires, no problem. Look for modern ways to increase convenience. Wireless products are easier to use, and you no longer have to deal with tangles. They offer the same level of intensity and ease of use but are much more expensive than ordinary Tens Units. 
  2. Automatic Shutdown – For people who get carried away with their work, having a time setting on your EMS is a great way to make sure you can focus on your work. As a result of this, you don’t have to keep directing your attention to the device. 
  3. USB Charging – Yes, batteries are great. But when you have a USB charger, you don’t have to spend on batteries, and you can charge your device anywhere, just like your mobile. Many devices are compatible with power banks as well. 

FAQs on tens units

Q: Can I use the Tens Unit on my face?

A: No. The device is for muscle relaxation. You can use it on the back, arms, legs, neck, shoulders, feet, and joints. Also, do not use the device on your face or head because it could lead to severe injury. 

Q: Can a Tens Unit help build muscle?

A: A Tens Unit is used to stimulate and relax muscles. It is not for toning and muscle building. It does help in recovery, but it is for a cure for muscle pain rather than a workout. 

Q: Can I use a Tens Unit During Pregnancy?

A: Absolutely! There are specific devices that are made for pregnant women. Check out our recommended list where we describe in detail our best choice for pregnant women and how to reduce the pain from muscle cramps. 

Q: Are Tens Units Safe? 

A: Tens Units are safe. Use them as prescribed, and there will be no problems. However, just like every other device, if you overuse the Tens Unit, there will be consequences. Similarly, underuse will not have the full effect of the device on the muscle. Contact your doctor or medical expert for more information on which product and intensity suit your body better. 

Using A Tens Unit

  • Do not use the Tens Unit while sleeping.
  • Keep moving the pads around to stimulate more muscles of your body.
  • Do not use the product on oily or dirty skin. Wash the area you want to target before applying the pad. 
  • Make sure of the timer session if you are doing something that will direct your attention. 
  • Avoid using the device on your face, head, and other sensitive areas. The electric shocks could cause permanent damage.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if there is continuous pain even after using the product. 

As a medical device, you need to make sure you use the product exactly as specified or prescribed. Follow all the instructions provided to avoid any injury. These are a few guidelines to help you use the Tens Unit. 

  • Firstly, Stick the electrodes on the affected muscles or joints. 
  • Secondly, start the tens unit and rise from the lowest intensity to the desired amount. 
  • From here, make sure the rise is gradual. 
  • Also, do not place the pads on your temples, head, throat, or mouth. 
  • Additionally, never place the pads on your heart or swollen areas. This action could result in severe injury. 
  • Always remember, try not to keep touching the gel on the adhesive side of the pad. Doing so reduces the lifespan of the product. 
  • Thirdly, use a few drops of water on the adhesive side before attaching the pads on your skin. 
  • Also remember, charge your battery after every use for the recommended time. 
  • Lastly, once you complete your session, cover up the adhesive sides with the pad holder and place the device with the wires in the box.
  • For more information, here’s an article by the University of Iowa on Tens Units.  


When you purchase a Tens Unit, first make sure it has the necessary functions you require. Secondly, choose a tens unit that has a warranty and a return policy to avoid getting into trouble. Also, different brands have a range of products and some are more expensive with lesser functions. Thirds, don’t overspend for the right product but the at the same time do not hold back for better medical health. And lastly, if you are unsure about any function of the device or experience pain even after using the device, contact your doctor immediately. 

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