Support Braces: Types, Uses and Benefits

Support Braces: Types, Uses and Benefits Support braces are a great way to keep yourself going without worrying about any fitness injuries. They keep your joints from getting damaged due to being overused. One of the significant benefits of using the right braces is keeping Osteoarthritis


How To Interpret Pulse Oximeter Readings

How To Interpret Pulse Oximeter Readings The pulse oximeter is a medical device, a painless and easy way to measure the oxygen saturation level or oxygen levels in your blood. Using the device, you can effectively note any changes to the oxygen level in your blood,


Best Wheelchair Accessories

10 Best Wheelchair Accessories to Enhance Mobility and Combat Everyday Challenges By Dr. David Taylor    |     Last Updated: 28 May, 2020 There are numerous wheelchair accessories available to enhance the quality of life. Wheelchair accessories facilitate independence, mobility, and are highly useful providing


Ultrasound Therapy To Alleviate Chronic Pains

Ultrasound Therapy – A Convenient Way to alleviate Chronic Pains By BestRatedDocs | Last Updated: 01 Dec, 2019 Ultrasound therapy is primarily used by physical therapists and chiropractors to treat arthritis pain, joint pain, and muscle pain. This is a great way to work pain


Endoscopes Parts and New Technologies

Endoscopes Parts and New Technologies By BestRatedDocs    |     Last Updated: 11 April, 2019 An endoscope is defined as a thing, long and illuminated tube with a flexible body and a camera attached to it on one end. In the present medical scenario, the


Are Nebulizers Safe for Babies?

Are Nebulizers Safe for Babies? By BestRatedDocs    |     Last Updated: 27 June, 2020 Are nebulizers safe for small babies or kids? Being a parent, this and more such questions pop-ups in your mind as soon as the doctor announces your child needs nebulization.


Wheelchair Exercises Infographic

26 Exercises for Wheelchair Users [Infographic] By Dr. David Taylor Being a wheelchair user does not imply you have to spend a dull and boring life. Don’t let your wheelchair limit your lifestyle as even if you are disabled or have limited mobility, you can still get an


The Best Way to Use a Stethoscope

The Best Way to Use a Stethoscope By Dr. David Taylor The stethoscope is the unique symbol of every medical professional. Most of us are aware of how to use a stethoscope and its basics to keep one end in ears and the other end over

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