12 Best Knee Braces for Sports, Injuries & Pain – Ultimate Buying Guide [Updated]

The Best Knee Braces for Sports and Injuries

With attention to your knee compression needs, our experts have diligently worked to compile a list of the best knee braces. However, before moving on, lets figure out why would we need a knee brace in the first place.

While our legs carry us around, it is the knees that they depend on for smooth functioning. So, from getting to work or going for a morning run, your knees keep you going. Indeed, weightlifting requires tremendous knee strength, especially when you squat heavyweight. Whether during a game or simply while walking, your knees can get injured anywhere. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep them compressed and protected with the best knee braces available. As mentioned earlier, it is true that we have a list of the best knee braces online. But, we also have recommendations for different sports and injuries that you might go through. Additionally, don’t go buying a knee brace without checking out our buyer’s guide. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

What is a Knee Brace?

Firstly, knee braces are compression covers for your knee. Secondly, They keep your knee tight and secure and limit the movement of the joint. Furthermore, Knee Braces are beneficial to weightlifters, runners, and all athletes that use their knees. Above all, older people also use knee braces to reduce joint pains and increase recovery. Additionally, the knee brace improves blood circulation in the knee. Though there are different types of knee braces based on the injury type, our experts have saved you the trouble of searching. 

So, here’s a look at the types of knee braces you can buy. 

Types Of Knee Braces

1. Prophylactic

To begin with, the most common knee brace is the prophylactic brace. First and foremost, it is a sleeve or strap type that is used by people in sports to keep your knees steady. Above all, the brace helps avoid any injury in sports like football or basketball. 

2. Functional

 Then comes the specific one, for people who have sustained injuries in sports and need to recover. Nevertheless, you can continue playing with this brace on, but you need to be careful. Also, it holds your knee in place and limits knee movement.

3. Rehabilitative

 Thirdly, we have the one for those just out of surgery and need to repair the knee joint. Unquestionably, it acts as a lock on your knee and immobilizes the knee by cutting its’s range of motion. Additionally, these are some of the best knee braces for people who need to recover. 

4. Offloader

 And finally, this type of knee brace is the offloader or unloader. Clearly, it is named so because it helps reduce the pain in the knee joint. This brace is best suited for people with medical ailments related to knees, for example, arthritis, sprains, etc. In addition, the brace is also beneficial to people who are looking to have surgery done.

Summary list of the 12 Best knee braces

Best Knee Braces for Sports

  1. Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support – For ease of use and recovery, the Bauerfeind Sports brace is a genius sporting product.
  2. Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support – The Shock Doctor Maximum Support Knee brace is one of the best products available online.
  3. Noova Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers & Unique Patella Pad – This compression sleeve is one of a kind. It comes in a seamless anatomical design and is made to keep your knee in a steady position.
  4. Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support & Compression for Patella, ACL/PCL Protection, Knee Support for Sports – To keep your career going, the Disk Dr knee brace can offer excellent support while you perform. 
  5. Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support – From swelling to soreness, the knee goes through injuries, and you need to be prepared. Once again Disk Dr Compression sleeve is your best choice.

Best Knee Braces For Injuries

  1. Brace Align Osteoarthritis Unloader Adjustable ROM Stabilizing Knee Brace – The Brace Align is a unique brace that enforces the required amount of pressure on your knee and improves blood circulation. 
  2. Nvorliy Hinged ROM Knee Brace Adjustable Knee Immobilizer Support for Arthritis, ACL, PCL, Meniscus Tear, Tendon, Osteoarthritis, Post OP Recovery - Leg Stabilizer for Men & Women (Regular) – The size of the brace keeps your knee from going out of the range of motion. 
  3. Shock Doctor 870 - Patella Knee Brace – With the Shock Doctor 870, you can prevent and treat a meniscus tear. 
  4. Shock Doctor's Best Knee Compression Sleeve – The brace allows you to maintain a good range of motion and protects your knee from outside forces. 
  5. BraceAbility Patellofemoral - Knee Brace For Pain – With the BraceAbility Patello Femoral, you can keep a check on your knee movement and use the support of the brace to perform better. 
  6. Neo G Hinged Adjustable Knee Brace – With a Neo G Knee brace, your entire knee, from the cap to the ACL, is held together and compressed.
  7. Ossur Formfit Pro Soft Knee Brace – The Ossur Formfit is a soft knee brace that prevents Osteoarthritis from happening.

Detailed Features of the Best Knee Braces

Best Knee Braces For Sports

1) Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support – Knee Brace for Athletes with Medical Grade Compression


Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support - Knee Brace for Athletes with Medical Grade Compression - Stabilization and Patellar Knee Pad (Black, M)
  • FIT AND SIZING: With your knee slightly bent and taking the center of the kneecap as your starting point, measure your thigh circumference 5 1/2 inches above...
  • KNEE STABILIZATION DURING SPORTS ACTIVITIES: The Bauerfeind Sports Knee Support supports the movement of the knee during sporting activities through gentle,...
  • TARGETED RELIEF: An anatomically contoured pad surrounds the kneecap. This special functional element disperses pressure. When the knee moves, the pad and the...
  • COMFORT AND FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: The Air Knit fabric of the Sports Knee Support is lightweight, comfortable, moisture-wicking and washable. It is designed for...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: With proper use and care, our products are designed to last. We stand behind everything we sell. If you are not satisfied with...

To begin with, as an athlete, you need to keep your body in the best shape possible. Undoubtedly, you need to make sure your knees are braced and ready for any impact during the game. Moreover, by using a knee brace, you can enhance your performance while you play. Thus, the first on our list of the best sports knee braces are from the German brand Bauerfeind. While you are busy running around, this brace supports your knees through its gentle compression. It allows you to move freely while bringing your knee back in place.  

We specifically noticed its contoured pads surrounding the kneecap. In effect, they automatically disperse the pressure around the knee. Further, with its targetted stimuli the stabilizing muscles are work towards providing stability to the joint. Eventually, this reduces the wear and tear of the joint.


  • Breathable, lightweight material
  • The thick oval cover provides adequate support protection to the kneecap
  • Targetted relief through 2-pressure points and lateral wings

Precautions: This sleeve is not suitable for severe injuries where you have tissue tears or need to keep your knee still for recovery. 

Best Knee Braces For Running

2) Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support


Hinged Knee Brace: Shock Doctor Maximum Support Compression Knee Brace - For ACL/PCL Injuries, Patella Support, Sprains, Hypertension and More for Men and Women - (1 Knee Brace, XLarge)
  • PREVENTS AND PROTECTS - Helps prevent and heal medial and lateral instability, minor patella instability, meniscus injuries, minor ligament sprains,...
  • MOISTURE AND ODOR PREVENTION - Airflow vented tech to reduce odor, bacteria, and moisture, so you can stay comfortable through the toughest days and workouts
  • BOOST MOVEMENT AND COMFORT - Heavy duty bilateral dual hinges provide support while allowing you to move comfortably with four-way stretch Lycra mesh and...
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - Latex-free, premium stitching, and integrated flexible side stabilizers, stays in place and includes easy grip tabs for accurate fitting
  • LIFTS AND COMPRESSES - Compression supports soft tissue, joint alignment and relief, and boosts therapeutic heat for improved blood flow which aids in healing...

While running is one of the top causes of knee injuries, it could stop you from continuing your fitness routine. Whether it is a muscle tear or sprain related to the patella, running requires support to prevent damage. A hinged knee brace can keep your knee’s range of motion in check as well as secure it from facing any harm. 

Indeed, the Shock Doctor Maximum Support Knee brace is one of the best products available online. It is specifically used by top athletes for lateral instability, minor patella instability, and meniscus injuries. Furthermore, it is also useful for minor ligament sprains, hypertension, and arthritis. Since the airflow through the brace, you don’t have to worry about bad odor. We were quite charmed by its therapeutic heat because it increases the blood flow. While it has the best lycra-mesh and latex-free design, its premium fittings help you boost your movements. 


  • Doesn’t hold moisture
  • No Bad odor
  • Easy to use
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Can be used as relief for different injuries
  • Very comfortable material

Precaution: The product only works when the size is perfect. Make sure you measure your knee for the best results. 

3) Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers  & Unique Patella Pad | Knee Brace for Running


Knee Brace with Side Stabilizers & Unique Patella Pad | Knee Braces for Knee Pain Plus Size, Knee Braces for Knee Pain Women & Men, Knee Brace for Running Knee Support, Plus Size Knee Brace for Women
  • 🏍️ RELIEVES PRESSURE INSTANTLY - Claim back your quality of life and finally find relief. Our knee brace for men & women takes the pressure off your knee,...
  • ☁️ UNIQUE PADDING - The last thing you want to do when having issues related to your knee is force the patella to remain in a fixed position. This only...
  • 🔒 STAYS SECURE - This knee support for men & women will stay in place during movement or even sports like running and working out in the gym. Its secure 5...
  • 💡 PICK THE RIGHT SIZE - PLUS SIZE AVAILABLE - Our compression knee brace really fits any body type. Simply measure the circumference of your knee and follow...
  • 🔒 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Try our knee support for women & men absolutely risk free! If at any point in time - for whatever reason - you’re unhappy...

Since runners look for compression that does not limit the range of motion, this sleeve does that job perfectly. Its unique design not only helps prevent injury and knee damage, but also facilitates quick recovery of an injury. It is able to achieve this because of its exceptional padding design. As a result, it keeps the patella in place yet provides you the freedom to move.

What we specifically liked about this product is its 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hence, the manufacturers are ready to return, replace or work till you are satisfied. Now, this certainly speaks volumes about its quality. Moreover, this material does not hold sweat and is easy to clean. 


  • Ultra-light
  • Durable and reliable
  • 3 adjustable touch fasteners for a good grip.
  • 2 adjustable elastic straps for compression
  • Premium quality
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • The brace increases muscle productivity.

Precautions: Be sure to pick the right size for effectiveness. 

Best Knee Brace for Basketball

4) Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support & Compression for Patella, ACL/PCL Protection, Knee Support for Sports


Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support & Compression for Patella, ACL/PCL Protection, Knee Support for Sports (Home Gym/Running)
  • AIR FRAME - COMPRESSES & PROTECTS & SUPPORTS - Knee brace that strongly compresses/ protects/ supports muslces and ligaments around Knee patella through AIR...
  • ADJUSTABLE AIR PRESSURE - Customized air compression level through a hand pump leads to more personal/ secure fit
  • NO HARD FRAME - LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE - Strategically placed AIR frame surrounding Knee shape allows to move comfortably and safely without hard frame...
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT - Lightweight Knee support that stabilizes the Knee movement and is built for indoor/ outdoor activities including various sporting...
  • WEARABLE IN DAILY LIFE - Portable Knee sleeve designed ideal for daily wearing. Universal fit to be worn on either left or right Knee

Since basketball is a game of quick and sudden moves, you are prone to several injuries. Because you are continually jumping, your knees are bound to suffer from injuries ranging from sprains to muscle tears. However, as a professional basketball player, your career is as good as your knee strength. With this in mind, we have included the Disk Dr AIR knee support on our list of the best knee braces.

Other than its lightweight, we found its adjustable air pressure frame to be a very unique feature. While the airframe surrounding the knee patella protects it, you can adjust the air pressure as desired. Furthermore, with no hard frame on the brace, you get the freedom of movement along with support and compression. Hence, this is a perfect brace for injury prevention during sports.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique design
  • Adjustable Air compression
  • Flexible
  • Breathable material and premium quality air mesh
  • Easy to use

Precautions: Mainly for use in sports

Best Knee Brace For Soccer

5) Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support & Compression for Patella, ACL/PCL Protection, Knee Support for Sports



Though Football has many fans across the globe, it can be a dangerous game if you don’t have the right protection. This is because knees can take damage from outside sources. In fact, we see several injuries from football matches that can throw one’s career in jeopardy. Whether it is a swelling or soreness, the knee goes through many types of injuries. As a result, you need to be prepared at all times. The next brace on our list, undeniably, is perfect for this job. Not to mention, it is once again from the Disk Dr brand.

While it does not limit the range of motion, it does provide good protection to the knee patella. Thus, it allows you to perform freely and with confidence. And once again, our favorite feature of adjustable air compression is at the heart of its exceptional results. Moreover, the absence of a hard frame makes it even more flexible to give you an enhanced movement range.


  • Adjustable air compression
  • Provides an extra boost while performing
  • Flexible material that lets your knee breathe
  • 100% Guarantee of the perfect fit

Precautions: The compression works to prevent an injury. Mainly suitable for sports

Best Knee Braces For Arthritis

6) Osteoarthritis Unloader Adjustable ROM Stabilizing Knee Brace Protection and Recovery from Load Reduction Arthritis 


Osteoarthritis Unloader Adjustable ROM Stabilizing Knee Brace L1851/L1843 Protection and Recovery from Load Reduction Arthritis Cartilage Repair Joint Pain Medial or Lateral Degeneration
  • ✔SUPERIOR COMPLETE REHABILITATION for most knee injuries and prevents re-injury. Stabilizing care completely customized to your needs while recovering...
  • ✔ADJUSTABLE Varus/ Valgus Correction allowing for tailoring to each knee. Complete control with the range of motion adjustable dial and extension and flexion...
  • ✔NON-SLIP FABRIC allows for little adjustments during use and a superior fit. As close to a custom fit knee orthosis with the best grip and knee stabilizing...
  • ✔LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE material for extended wear which makes it extremely easy to use with daily activities. Designed with your comfort in mind to minimize...
  • ✔PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct to schedule your appointment with an experienced team member for a free video fitting and adjustment session to...

Next, we have the knee brace from Brace Align, specifically for Arthritis pain. While Arthritis is a disorder found at the joints, its symptoms include swelling and unbearable pain. In the long run, one experiences an inability to use the joints freely. Thus, Arthritis is a pain that gradually makes you stop using your affected joints. Particularly for the knee, it is caused by applying constant pressure over the knee cap. This is exactly what this brace solves for you because of its unique design.

Since it has 4-wrap straps in various significant locations, this brace provides unparalleled support to your knee.  We also noticed that each of these straps are adjustable to provide you compression as per your need. And finally, with a one-size-fits-all measurement of up to 30-inch thigh size, this is a perfect brace for your arthritic knee. 


  • High-quality material
  • Easy to use Straps 
  • Works well for arthritis pain relief and joint recovery
  • 4-adjustable straps for tailor-made compression
  • Special tool included for further adjustment

Precautions: Do not bleach the product or put it in hot water. 

7) Nvorliy Hinged ROM Knee Brace Adjustable Knee Immobilizer Support for Arthritis, ACL, PCL, Meniscus Tear, Tendon, Osteoarthritis


Nvorliy Hinged ROM Knee Brace Adjustable Knee Immobilizer Support for Arthritis, ACL, PCL, Meniscus Tear, Tendon, Osteoarthritis, Post OP Recovery - Leg Stabilizer for Men & Women (Regular)
  • PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL DEVICES: Suitable for Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL, LCL, Tendonitis, postoperative recovery and treatment of synthetical knee joint...
  • EASY PUSH AND CONTROL LOCKING DIAL: The high-strength hinges on both sides can greatly improve the stability of the knee. The locking dial can adjusted between...
  • OPEN AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: This brace is easy to wear and can be done yourself. You are free to disassemble the hinges and fastening straps and move hinged...
  • PLEASE CONFIRM THE SIZE BEFORE PURCHASE: The ROM brace is fully adjustable. Large size thigh circumference up to 18.5", calf circumference up to 16.5". Perfect...
  • RISK FREE ON THIS BRACE: Your purchase comes with a full 30 day no risk! After receiving the product, you find that the product is damaged or unsatisfactory,...

Arthritis not only limits the movement of your knees but the pain also gets unbearable. Hence, you remain desperate to find a way out. As a result, we have included this brace from Nvorliy on our list for this exact knee problem.

This is a medical device and is suitable for many knee joint issues besides arthritis. For instance, Meniscus, Tendonitis etc. While there strong hinges on both sides of the brace, their locking dial is adjustable between -10 degrees to 120 degrees. Thus, it allows you tho control the range on the knee movement. Furthermore, it is very easy to wear and remove.

This brace is also an excellent choice for athletes and improves performance. 


  • Best pain relief knee brace
  • Perfect fit with an elastic body
  • works great for men and women
  • Stylish
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Therapeutic compression

Precautions: You need to get the right size that fits your knee. 

Best Knee Brace For Meniscus Tear

8) Shock Doctor 870 – Patella Knee Brace


Shock Doctor 870 Knee Brace, Knee Support for Stability, Minor Patella Instability, Meniscus Injuries, Minor ligament Sprains for Men & Women, Sold as Single Unit (1)
  • BEST FOR: Moderate support for minor to moderate sprains, strains and instabilities during active recovery - Joint pain, arthritis pain relief, arthritis...
  • PREVENTION- Helps prevent and heal medial/lateral instability, minor patella instability, meniscus injuries, minor ligament sprains
  • COMFORTABLE- Four-way stretch Lycra mesh at back of knee and premium stitching assemble and patella support for long lasting comfort – LATEX-FREE - Convenient...
  • SUPPORT- Pre-curved anatomical design and Integrated FLEXIBLE side stabilizer stays - knee compression sleeve with large stays that run along the length of the...
  • PROTECTION/COMPRESSION - Padded patella buttress helps protect and stabilize knee cap - Supports Soft tissue, joint alignment and therapeutic warmth for...

Another painful condition around the knee is the Meniscus Tear. It is caused by a twist in the knee cap and occurs when the cartilage in the knee, which protects the sin connection, gets damaged. Generally, it is characterized by pain, swelling, and stiffness. Moreover, at times this pain becomes unbearable as well. However, with the Shock Doctor 870, you can prevent and treat a meniscus tear. 

Firstly, the brace is an open patella knee brace. In effect, it has an opening at the knee cap. While it holds your knee in place, this  allows you to recover faster. When the range of motion is limited, the knee can regenerate with improved blood flow. Additionally, the brace has straps to tighten the hold over the knee. 


  • This brace can help limit as well as reduce meniscus tear pain
  • Very secure pair with a padded body
  • Lycra-mesh material is used for ventilation
  • The design provides enhanced comfort beside a perfect fit

Precautions: This product is not a substitute for primary medical care. Hence, make sure to see a medical professional in the event of continuous pain. 

Best Knee Brace for Tendonitis

9) Shock Doctor’s Best Knee Compression Sleeve


Knee Compression Sleeve: Shock Doctor’s Knee Support Sleeve - Relieves Arthritis Pain, Tendonitis, and Patella Alignment Injuries for Men & Women - Includes 1 Sleeve (1 unit), X-LARGE, w/ Gel Buttress (Moderate Support)
  • INCREASE MUSCLE PRODUCTIVITY: Compression warms your muscles, which makes tired muscles happy, this streamlines the healing process so you can stay in the game...
  • PROTECT AND PREVENT: Relief and protection from arthritis, tendonitis, patella alignment injuries, bursitis, meniscus tears and more, can also prevent injuries...
  • FOR SPORTS AND DAILY WEAR: On the court, or hard at work, we’ve got you covered, perfect for powerlifting, basketball, running, biking, crossfit, workout,...
  • BOOSTED SUPPORT: Integrated gel inlays provide extra support and targeted compression, taking the strain off of your knees and giving you lasting relief
  • ULTRA BREATHABLE COMFORT: Elastic knit neoprene material contours to your knee and leg while repelling sweat and oil for a dry, lightweight fit

Tendonitis is caused by the inflammation of the tendon in the knee. When you overuse your knee, the tendon starts to wear out, and inflammation is the indication. It occurs during sporting events such as running, weightlifting, football, etc. The result is a complete stop to any activities that require your knees. But with the Shock Doctor’s Knee brace, you can keep your pain at bay. Being one of the best knee braces, it allows you to maintain a good range of motion and protects your knee from outside forces. The brace improves blood circulation, and this helps you improve the affected tendon. 

The sleeve is easy to use and has a very breathable material in use. It is comfortable and boosts support to your knees. You can use this product for daily activities and maintain the health of your knee. 


  • Easy to wash 
  • Ease of Use
  • A tight compression sleeve improves blood circulation
  • Designed for daily wear
  • Improves performance

Precautions: The product does not have straps. Make sure you find the right size for the best results. 

Best Knee Brace for Chondromalacia

10) BraceAbility Patellofemoral – Knee Brace For Pain


BraceAbility Patellofemoral Pain Knee Brace | Chondromalacia Treatment, Patellar Tendonitis Support to Stabilize Under Kneecap, Helps Pain from Patella Alta / Baja, Knock Knees & Bow Legs (Large)
  • HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: Using a soft / flexible tape measure, find the circumference 6 inches above the middle of your kneecap and 6 inches below the middle of...
  • Convenient knee sleeve helps ease knee pain caused by patella subluxation, dislocated kneecap, patellofemoral tracking syndrome, patella alta / baja / infera,...
  • Made of a breathable neoprene alternative, making it cool, durable, flexible and sweat-resistant. The open front and open back design of this lightweight knee...
  • Sewn-in, U-shaped horseshoe buttress promotes superior patella stability by supporting the sides and bottom of your kneecap, delivering adequate compression and...
  • Medial and lateral stays prevent rollover and straps located above and below your kneecap prevent the stabilizer from sliding down while sitting, walking,...

Runner’s knee, also known as Chondromalacia, is a condition where the cartilage under the knee starts to wear out. It causes your knee to become weak and limits your performance in sports and movement in general. The knee joint begins to disintegrate and causes a lot of pain. With the BraceAbility Patello Femoral, you can keep a check on your knee movement and use the support of the brace to perform better. 

The brace acts as a prevention to more injury and helps you recover. The material used is very comfortable, and the straps keep your knee from moving. This breathable neoprene product is sweat-resistant and provides superior support to the patella. 


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Offers total pain relief
  • U-shaped horseshoe buttress promotes superior patella stability
  • The straps reduce any rollover injury

Precautions: Do not make the straps too tight around the knee as it could cut blood circulation. 

Best ACL Knee Brace

11) Neo G Hinged Adjustable Knee Brace


Neo G Hinged Knee Brace, Adjusta Fit - Open Patella - Support For Arthritis, Joint Pain, Tendon, Ligament Strains, ACL, Injury Recovery - Adjustable Dials - Class 1 Medical Device - One Size - Black
  • PERFECT KNEE BRACE FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLES: Premium quality brace featuring non-slip design for ultimate comfort and support, suitable for everyday activities...
  • PAIN RELIEVING KNEE SUPPORT: Medically engineered to help relieve pain associated with arthritis, aching joints, as well as aid recovery from knee injuries,...
  • MEDICAL GRADE: Registered internationally as a Class 1 Medical Device with regulatory bodies, such as the FDA (US), Health Canada & the MHRA (UK). Manufactured...
  • ADJUSTABLE EASY PUSH DIALS & PREMIUM GRADE NEOPRENE: The hinged system can be adjusted for optimum fit and control movement between -10 to 120 degrees flexion....
  • ONE SIZE SUPPORT FOR BEST FIT: Universal size (one size fits most), fits the Left or Right knee and is Unisex suitable for men and women. The adjustable dials...

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament connects your thigh bone to your shin. It is crucial in the movement of your leg and gets damaged by sudden stops or actions such as changes in direction. This occurs in sports and is a reason why you need a knee brace to perform better. With a Neo G Knee brace, your entire knee, from the cap to the ACL, is held together and compressed. Blood circulation is increased, and it keeps your knee health in check. This is the best choice for people who perform in sports regularly. 

The Neo G Knee Brace is adjustable and of top medical grade. This brace offers excellent pain relief and helps your knee recover from injuries. The brace comes with a variable compression system that regulates the range of motion as required. 


  • Medical Grade Protection
  • Perfect for sports
  • Easy to use and adjust
  • One single size for all
  • Comes with a Variable compression system
  • Four straps for best protection

Precaution: The product is a little difficult to wash in a machine. 

Best Knee Braces For Osteoarthritis

12) Ossur Formfit Pro Soft Knee Brace 


Ossur Formfit Pro Knee OA Sleeve for Osteoarthritis, Knee Pain Relief, Meniscus Degneration (Small, Right Leg, Outer Knee or Left Leg, Inner Knee)
  • DYNAMIC FORCE STRAP (DFS) SYSTEM - Applies a counteracting force for added support.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERED 3D KNIT - Delivers medical grade compression to hold the knee to the shape (and size) and help reduce swelling.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT COOLVENT KNIT - Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric provides added comfort and cooling to the back of the knee.
  • PATENTED FOLDLOCK system - For easier and more secure application and fit.
  • STAYBILIZER HINGE - Made from light, flexible, yet extremely durable EVA material, for an ideal shape and fit.

Osteoarthritis is a global problem and occurs when the protective cartilage of joints wears out. It causes immense damage to joints, and the pain becomes unbearable sometimes leading to Arthroscopy surgery which is a minimally invasive surgical procedure in which a fiberoptic medical-grade endoscope is inserted into the joint through a small incision.

   The easiest way to prevent this is to keep your knees secure with a brace. The Ossur Formfit is a soft knee brace that prevents Osteoarthritis from happening. It can also be used for people who are suffering from it which brings it to our list of the best knee braces. 

Besides the above, the brace is comfortable and increases performance. It comes with dual straps and a folding lock. 


  • Prevents and controls knee pain
  • Dynamic force strap system applies superior compression
  • Comfortable
  • Superior quality material

Buyers Guide To The Best Knee Braces

Are you thinking about buying a knee brace? Here are some points to keep in mind. 

  1. Cost – Make sure you get the most out of your knee brace with added value features. Some braces may help improve your leg health by reducing shock absorption on the knee. Do not overpay for an ordinary product. 
  2. Strap or Sleeve – Having a sleeve can improve your performance in sports. It does not limit your movement. But a strap can enhance recovery by limiting your knee’s range of motion. Choose a brace that suits your needs. 
  3. Size – Knee braces come in different sizes. Do not choose one that is too loose or too tight. Try to get an accurate measurement so you can choose the best product for your knees. 
  4. Warranty – If your product comes with a warranty, you have a guarantee of money value and recovery. Always choose products that have money-back if you are not satisfied. 
  5. Comfort – Choose a knee brace that you find comfortable. The best knee brace allows your knees to breathe. It can be worn for long and should not limit your knee movement when not required. 
  6. Material – With plastic, polyester, nylon, and cotton knee braces in the market, you need to consider which one works best for you. The product should not hold too much sweat if you wear them regularly. Also, choose a material that lasts long. 


Knee braces can only add positivity to your life. Once you start using a knee brace, it becomes hard to imagine life without it. It helps you move around quickly and reduces all kinds of pain in your knee. Make sure you seek professional help if your pain persists after using the brace. Find the Best knee brace from our list above and start living a healthier, safer life.  

Last updated on 2021-02-28 // Source: Amazon Affiliates