The Ultimate Guide of Best Stethoscopes in 2018

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Stethoscopes models

Almost every medical practitioner uses a stethoscope. From conducting in-depth diagnosis to monitoring the blood pressure, this device is used in various core functionalities of the medical field. While the main function of a stethoscope is to examine heart rate, respiratory system, and intestinal tract of humans and animals, it can be used for more other purposes. For this reason, buying a high-quality stethoscope is suggested.

If you are confused among the varieties of stethoscopes available in the market, then here we share the list and details of 15 Best stethoscopes in 2018.

ProductImageFeaturesRatingCheck Price
3M Littmann Classic IIIMultipurpose stethoscope, stainless steel engineering, dual head chestpiece, latex-free material, superior acoustic sound4.8
3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.Tunable Chestpiece, non-chill rim, resistance to skin oils and alcohols, latex-free body4.7
MDF Acoustica Deluxe LightweightHandcrafted aluminium construction, latex-free body, affordable option, lightweight body, metal alloy chamber4.7
3 M Littmann 6152 Cardiology IV StethoscopeDual-sided Chestpiece, double lumen tubing, comfortable fit, complete obstruction of ambient noise4.6
ADC Adscope 601Convertible chest piece, outstanding acoustic sound quality, double-lumen tubing, Adsoft silicone ear tips4.5
ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Professional Clinician StethoscopeNon-chill rim, budget-friendly option, uncomfortable fit, accurate performance4.5
Omron Sprague Rappaport StethoscopeLatex-free body, double-size Chestpiece, chrome plated unit, excellent resistance to corrosion and damage4.4
3M Littmann Master CardiologyNo interference from external sound, perfect ear canal, handcrafted stethoscope, handcrafted engineering4.6
ADC Adscope 604Precise acoustic readings, maximum durability, PVC tubing, optimum anatomical design4.5
Littmann Master Classic II StethoscopeAward-winning design, handcrafted construction, anatomically designed headset, latex free body4.7
Prestige Medical Dual Head StethoscopeTunable diaphragm, non-chill rim, lightweight, comfortable fit, decent performance4.3
3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, Plum TubeHigh acoustic performance, extra sensitive, tunable diaphragm, resistance to alcohol and skin oils, non-chill rim4.5
Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope by ADCEnhanced Chestpiece, gasket designed diaphragm, double leaf internal spring, non-chill rim4.3
Dixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope22-inch long tubing, high-quality nylon cuff, excellent durability, decent performance4.2

1. 3M Littmann Classic III

3M Littmann Classic III is a popular and one of the elite stethoscopes available for medical professionals.

It is a multi-purpose stethoscope ideal to carry all sorts of practices. From measuring low frequencies to diagnosing high frequencies and monitoring blood pressure, it does this all. The stethoscope comes with a double-headed chest piece engineered with stainless steel and offering tunable functionality. It offers excellent acoustics sound and is highly sensitive to pick up noise.

Applying slight pressure picks up low frequencies with absolute accuracy. You can convert the pediatric side of Chestpiece to a non-chill rim. The stethoscope holds great resistance to alcohols and skin oils. It is a latex-free material that ensures the patient does not experience any allergic reaction or other health concern. You can easily squeeze the ear tubes to offer a comfortable fit and absolute isolation.

It is a high-quality stethoscope that gives superior acoustic sounds and is adjustable to meet all sorts of purposes. It is well-constructed and comfortable prepared from high-quality materials only. It is an affordable and versatile stethoscope that is a great choice for all medical experts.

2. 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.

The 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope is a budgetary and high-quality stethoscope that is loaded with numerous rich features.

It is a dual-sided, tunable Chestpiece with a non-chill rim that is comfortable to the chest of patients. Besides delivering high-quality results, it offers long-lasting performance and durability. The diaphragm is made of resin and metal composite and not machined stainless steel. Just like other Littmann’s stethoscope, it features high-quality tubing, made with phthalates and latex-free material. Even the headset of the stethoscope is adjustable and offers a comfortable fit for any size head.

The shape of the headset is designed to offer a comfortable fit and delivers perfect angles to the ears. It is not an expensive option that garners high scores from its users. With amazing build quality, material construction, and pricing, it is intended for professional as well as home use. The stethoscope is a next-generation product that guarantees to meet almost all functionalities expected from a stethoscope.

The stethoscope is available at a good price and is ideal for new as well as experienced medical experts.

3. MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight

Another lightweight and budget buy option the wonderful stethoscope from MDF. It is an all-purpose device designed for home use.

The stethoscope is handcrafted from aluminum with a double-headed Chestpiece. It features a bell as well as a diaphragm that is polished for correct listening. It even incorporates 3 pairs of silicone ear tips – Large, Regular, and Small. Hence, you can always select the size that fits well to your ears and offers a comfortable fit. The ear tips also comprise free parts from MDF that guarantees you can use the spare parts whenever you want to.

The diaphragm, tube, and earpieces, every part is prepared from phthalate and latex-free material. This offers high comfort and ensures that the patient does not cause any allergic reaction to the patient. In addition to this, it comes with an internal metal – alloy chamber within the chamber in acoustic tubing below spring. This keeps the tubing channel available for maximum sound transmission into the headset. Despite housing so many good things, the best part of the stethoscope is its price, which is absolutely affordable.

It is a well-engineered stethoscope with sensitive and accurate sound. If you are looking for a reliable option within a budget, then this one is undoubtedly the best.

4. 3 M Littmann 6152 Cardiology IV Stethoscope

This Littmann’s stethoscope is a high-end and superior quality stethoscope designed for use by cardiology specialists. The stethoscope hosts a dual-sided Chestpiece, featuring a bell and diaphragm on both sides.

The machine is engineered to offer unmatched versatility and to deliver precise results. You can hear high frequency as well as low-frequency sounds. Even, it is possible to adjust the diaphragm with little pressure to monitor the patient for different frequencies with ease. The stethoscope comes with double-lumen tubing that implies there are two distinct sound paths in a single external tube. This eliminates all sorts of rubbing noise or interference with the tubing.

It is one of the finest stethoscope offering most accurate results. Littmann rates it high for its extraordinary acoustic performance. The stethoscope even garners high appreciation for its strong body and long-lasting performance. It is a comfortable fit for the ears and is famous for its sound – quality and high precision. Built with the trademark of the most reputed stethoscope brand, Littmann, you can expect precise, qualitative, and comfortable diagnosing experience with it.

It is slightly an expensive choice, but then it is worth the price.

5. ADC Adscope 601

This stethoscope from American Diagnostic Corporation is an ideal solution for professional use. The stethoscope hosts a convertible chest-piece that enables adult as well as pediatric configurations with ease.

The unique feature of Adscope 601 is an adjustable frequency design that delivers outstanding acoustic performance. Now, the Chestpiece is CNC engineered with surgical stainless steel for a precise and perfectly smooth solution. The heavy-duty tubing is bi-lumen, which ensures that the acoustic sound quality is clear and accurate. Most importantly, its headset features massive bore stainless steel binaurals with Adsoft silicone ear tips. This makes wearing stethoscope more comfortable. Even it isolates entire ambient noise and makes it perfect for detailed listening.

The stethoscope is an excellent choice for doctors and professionals. It is a versatile solution for children as well as adults. With amazing acoustic sound quality and precise diagnosis mechanism, it is a perfect solution for home as well as professional use. The added benefit is the double-lumen tube paired with stainless steel diaphragm. This ensures that the stethoscope delivers excellent results under all sorts of situation.

While some users reviewed it as quite hefty, still they too are convinced with its high build quality and accurate performance.

6. ADC Adscope 615 Platinum Professional Clinician Stethoscope

The platinum ADC Adscope stethoscope is a high-quality product crafted to offer simple functionality yet high performance.

Though the stethoscope does not hold as fancy design as other stethoscopes do, it is popular for its amazing functionality ideal for carrying different types of diagnosis. The first good thing about this device is its non-chill rim that offers maximum comfort to the patients. If you don’t want your patients to experience an uncomfortable cold while being a diagnosis, which happens with most other models, then this one eliminates it completely.

The stethoscope holds ear tips crafted from PVC to offer maximum comfort to the users. In addition to this, it offers incomparable clarity. Hence, when you are using this stethoscope, then you can even diagnose the faintest sounds with ease. Moreover, the stethoscope comes with lifetime warranty. Some users felt it slightly uncomfortable to wear for long hours. However, if you are looking out for a solution that is budget-friendly and ideal for precise diagnosis, then it is one of the bests.

7. Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Now, this stethoscope from Omron is a reliable device that has gained popularity because of its excellent performance.

With Omron stethoscope, you can expect high results and correct diagnosis even under most intricate situations. The stethoscope ensures that you are offered with optimum diagnostic ability. The unique aspect of this stethoscope is its construction, which comes with double tubing running to earpieces from the Chestpiece. Even the device is engineered with the latex-free material. Hence, it would not cause any allergic reaction or side effect when you diagnose a patient.

Furthermore, the stethoscope holds excellent flexibility. You can move it easily in every direction when diagnosing a patient. The Chestpiece is a chrome-plated unit that improves overall functionality, durability, and acoustic performance of this stethoscope. In addition to this, it also reduces corrosion to a great extent. When you buy this stethoscope, then you would experience three-size open bells, two pairs of earpieces, and double-sized diaphragms.

The stethoscope comes with a vinyl storage bag, which is durable and makes it easy to store. With a lightweight and amazing performance, it is perfect for professional as well as home use.

8. 3M Littmann Master Cardiology

This stethoscope from the famous master series by Littmann is one of the finest products in our list.

Littmann is known for offering outstanding ranges of stethoscopes that are ideal to carry precise and high-quality results. And this one from Littmann is absolutely outstanding. The stethoscope is a true symbol of intelligent craftsmanship and excellence of the company. It comes in a handcrafted design that gives it a unique look. The chest piece hosts a high acoustic performance that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The stethoscope is ideal for adults as well as children. It can be used in variable sizes. The anatomical design of the device is angled to meet the path of ear canal precisely. It is one of those handcrafted stethoscopes that come with no flaws at all. Even the stethoscope hosts a filter for external sounds so that there is no interference with the auscultation readings during the diagnosis process. With a perfect angle to the ear canal, it perfectly fits into the ear.

Since the stethoscope hosts numerous rich features, so you need to pay a higher price in order to purchase it. While it is a good solution for experienced medical professionals, students can still wait more time before buying this product.

9. ADC Adscope 604

Another product on our list is known for its outstanding features and affordable pricing is ADC Adscope 604.

As compared to other stethoscopes, this one has affordable pricing. It offers you with important functions that are required from a basic stethoscope. The incomparable durability and excellent performance are assured from this device. Its tubes are prepared from PVC that offers the longer durability of the product.

With an ideal Chestpiece size and a diaphragm delivering accurate acoustic readings, it ensures that the sound travels properly from the tube to ear canal with the optimum anatomical angular unit. Even the chest piece offers enough large space for precise readings. It offers maximum durability and excellent performance. The correct design and size make it comfortable for the doctor as well as the patient. You can carry all sorts of functions with this device and avail more accurate results.

With good coverage area, it promises to deliver precise results under all situations. However, if you are a professional who has gained enough experience, then this one would not work for you. It is an ideal choice for new experts in the field.

10. Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

Now, let’s head back towards the master series of Littmann. This is the Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope, which is an exception known for its features and price. You would rarely find such a high-quality product at this price.

This is an award-winning product that is designed efficiently to work from high to low sensitive sounds. Hence, it can measure high as well as low sensitive sounds with ease, offering perfect auscultation in every measure. Another remarkable feature of this stethoscope is that you can tune it into different higher and low frequencies with ease. If you experience any allergy from latex or does not want your patients to experience the same, then this one is an ideal choice.

The stethoscope holds an anatomically designed headset ensures that the sound is transferred to the ears without experiencing any interference. It is a handcrafted design that is free from all sorts of flaws. It also hosts a filter to obstruct external sounds so that there is no issue in the auscultation readings.

Though you would find this product slightly costly, still the price is worth of all premium features it holds.

11. ADC 603 Stainless Steel Stethoscope

This one is a standard product available at standard prices. The stethoscope is not different from other ADC products. However, what makes it a unique one is its stainless steel construction and other benefits in terms of quality and durability.

This stethoscope comes with lifetime warranty, which makes it an ideal choice for most of the users. Besides this, the stethoscope can be adjusted to different frequency levels and can be tuned to enhance the overall acoustic performance. With PVCV designed tubing it can extend up to 22 inches, which is enough to conduct a comfortable diagnosis. The stethoscope comes with soft ear tips that ensure you feel comfortable and does not hurt while wearing it.

You can switch between different frequencies while using the stethoscope. It is quite easier so that you can achieve the acoustic performance that you have ever wanted. On buying this product, you will get an additional pair of Adsoft silicone ear tips. Hence, if you are not comfortable with the existing ear tips, then you can use other parts in order to avail maximum comfort.

So, get the ADC 603 Stainless steel stethoscope to get most at least cost.

12. Prestige Medical Dual Head Stethoscope

If you are a student or a new practicing doctor, then the Prestige Medical Double Headed stethoscope is the best choice for you.

With impressive features, this stethoscope is one of the popular choices among the masses. The stethoscope comes with a tunable headpiece that can be adjusted in order to measure frequencies of distinct levels. The Chestpiece comes with a diaphragm and bell at each side. You can use the diaphragm and bell in order to measure frequencies of distinct levels.

On buying this stethoscope, you will get an additional pair of ear tips in the box. Now, another exclusive feature of this stethoscope is its lightweight construction. It is a perfect combination of lightweight and durable construction and ensures that the sound is transferred well to the ear tips. With its simple design, the stethoscope is ideal for new medical professionals and students who don’t have much experience in using this equipment. Being light in weight, you can wear this stethoscope for long hours without experiencing any pain in the neck.

Hence, for all those busy professionals who have just started their medical career, this stethoscope is one of the best choices.

13. 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, Plum Tube

This stethoscope is dedicated to medical experts who want to have an easy time when diagnosing and examining patients. It is a popular choice for EMTs and Paramedics

This product from Littmann is designed to offer users with the best solution for their diagnosing needs. The stethoscope guarantees high performance, and hence, is one of the trusted solutions among the experts. It features an all-new and impressive design that is extra sensitive and aims to deliver high performance under all situations. Undoubtedly, it would enhance your overall diagnosing experience.

In addition to this, the stethoscope comes with a tunable diaphragm that makes the examination of kids and adults straightforward and quick. With its patrician side, it is possible to switch between frequencies with ease and convenience. You can use this feature to convert the stethoscope into a traditional open bell that eliminates chills. Hence, you can expect a comfortable and shock free diagnosing experience while using this stethoscope.

It hosts tubing that is prepared from the latex-free material. Even the diaphragm hosts excellent resistance to alcohol and skin oils. So, if you want a stain resistant, high performing stethoscope on a budget, then this would definitely impress you.

14. Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope by ADC

Famous for its excellent features and unique look, the 600 Cardiology stethoscopes from Adscope is another premium name on our list.

Unlike other stethoscopes belonging to top-notch brands, this one is a versatile solution ideal to meet distinct functionalities. You can use it for adult, pediatric, as well as other diagnostic purposes. It holds a Chestpiece on one side, and its meticulous design prevents all sorts of sound disturbances. It offers sharp acoustic that makes it work efficiently well even in noisy environments.

The enhanced chest piece is another exclusive feature of the stethoscope that makes the overall diagnosis smooth, clean, and efficient. With the gasket designed diaphragms, you can expect convenient fit and clear hearing of multiple frequencies. Moreover, the stethoscope comes with a chill-free diaphragm to ensure that the patient does not feel any cold while conducting the diagnosis process.

With double leaf internal spring, it is more comfortable to wear. It is comfortable to use for the patient as well as for you. Some users did not find it comfortable for long use, but most of them recommend it to practitioners who are looking for high clarity and a pocket-friendly choice.

15. Dixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope

A fully functional stethoscope with decent performance and affordable pricing is the Dixie EMS Blood pressure and Sprague Stethoscope.

This stethoscope comes with a blood pressure measuring kit that holds excellent performance and is well-matching to the high-quality nylon cuff and case. It offers you the best solution to track patient’s blood pressure as well as conduct diagnosis for different frequencies. It comes with a 22-inch long tubing and is available with 2 additional pairs of ear tips, 2 diaphragms, and 3 bells. In addition to this, the stethoscope is available in a range of beautiful colors to choose from.

This is an ideal choice for medical students, new medical experts, and nurses who are just beginning with the actual diagnosing experience. The product is made of high-quality materials and delivers decent performance under most of the situations. Even, it is lightweight and can be carried for long without feeling discomfort on the neck or ears.

However, if you are looking for a stethoscope for any specialized field or that delivers accurate results, then this one would not meet your purpose.

Buyer’s Guide – Important Things to Look When Buying a Stethoscope

When buying a stethoscope, there are different aspects that need to be considered. So, what all these aspects are, let’s have a look!

1. Earpieces

Make sure you pick a stethoscope housing comfortable ear tips. The ear tips must be soft and durable. A stethoscope with interchangeable earpieces is an excellent choice. It is even perfect for extended hour’s usage.

2. Angles

Besides earpieces, it is of utmost importance to check the stethoscope’s angle. With a proper angle, you would be able to conduct better diagnosis of the patient.  You must pick a stethoscope that allows you to customize the headset according to your comfort and preference. At the same time, the angular adjustment must obstruct entire ambient noise.

3. Chestpiece

The Chestpiece of a stethoscope can be double headed or single headed. The single-headed chest piece has a bell and diaphragm on one side, while double headed has each one of them on each side. You can select a design as per your comfort. Just check that the stethoscope allows you to hear frequencies of distinct levels with ease and with a slight amount of pressure.

4. Diameter

The Chestpiece of a stethoscope comes in different diameters. For this reason, you must pick a stethoscope with interchangeable chest piece. It is because such a stethoscope would be able to deliver you more versatile performance as compared to a basic one. Hence, if you don’t want to juggle between stethoscopes of various diameters, it is better to pick one that allows interchanging diameter.

5. Length of Tubing

You can conduct a diagnosis comfortably only if the tubing is long enough to offer you full support and comfort. For a proper diagnosis, the tubing length must be at least 22 inches and can be maximum 28 inches. The longer tubing allows you to drape stethoscope better around the neck. At the same time, it ensures you don’t experience any contagious infection while diagnosing the patient.

6. Style of Tubing

The tubing can be a single or double bore. Even some stethoscopes can have bi-lumen tubing that incorporates a larger and a smaller tube. This ensures that the tubes do not rub against each other, during the examination. Select a stethoscope with wider tubing to avail enhanced sound quality.

7. Acoustic Stethoscope

Most of the time, medical practitioners consider acoustic stethoscope ideal for conducting a diagnosis. Such stethoscopes allow you to listen to high and frequency sounds within the body with ease. This form of the stethoscope is even popular among the technicians.

8. Electronic Stethoscopes

You can purchase electronic stethoscopes if you want more functionality from your device. Such stethoscopes are robust enough to capture even electrocardiogram data and oxygen saturation level with a common reading. It can help you gather high-electronic sounds with ease and transmit the same to your ear tips via Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the prominent benefits of buying a tunable diaphragm?

A. With a tunable diaphragm, you can listen high, and low frequency sounds with ease without removing the Chestpiece from patient’s body. You just have to vary pressure levels with your finger, and the diaphragm will work accordingly.

Q. What if I am not able to hear anything from my stethoscope?

A. If your stethoscope is not able to transmit any sounds, then its acoustic performance is low or absent. Hence, always check the stethoscope for its acoustic performance before you buy it.

Q. Why flexible tubing is suggested to purchase?

A. A stethoscope with flexible tubing offers more comfortable fit than the rigid and stiff tubing. You can easily wear it around the neck and conduct diagnosis without experiencing any stiffness in the neck or while moving your hand during diagnosis.

Q. Where do I find pricing details about stethoscopes?

A. The costs may vary depending on the retailer to retailer. However, best deals are available online. Just check any reputed online store to get best pricing deals.

Q. Why buy stethoscope according to the specialty?

A. Buying stethoscope as per the specialty would ensure that you are able to make the best purchase that meets all your requirements to the fullest. Additionally, it would help you conduct diagnosis in a better way.

Final Words

You’ve now reached the end of this post. Stethoscopes are of different varieties, brands & some of them are very expensive but you may pick one that best meets your requirements and needs. At the same time, it is advised that experienced professionals involved in special care services must use a high-quality stethoscope even though it is expensive. However, students and nurses can pick a stethoscope with decent performance and economical price range.

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