Florida Retina Consultants (retinaflorida.net) Acquired by BestRatedDocs

Press Release: 25 Feb, 2019 | New York

Florida Retina Consultant’s website retinaflorida.net has been acquired by BestRatedDocs.com. Dr. David Taylor, founder of BestRatedDocs.com, informed the press about the development today.

Under this development, the website retinaflorida.net will be shut down & moved under the umbrella of BestRatedDocs.com.

Florida Retina Consultants are a group of the most excellent ophthalmologists in the state, providing state-of-the-art service to their clients. Their practices are sophisticated and professional, with the best testing and treatment in the area. The site is known for providing research and information on eye diseases related to diabetes, age-related muscle degradation, and retinopathy of prematurity. 

“Florida Retina Consultants are professionals, and their techniques should be used on a bigger platform,” explains Dr. David Taylor. “Their pledge as optometrists to provide medical care to their patients with compassion and care should not be overlooked. Bringing them over to BRD can help get them across the nation.”, he added. 

This acquisition will add more information and services on BestRatedDocs.com related to Ophthalmology and Optometrists under the guidance of Floridas best retina consultants. Florida Retina Consultants have over 20 years of experience between them and have expressed their excitement over the new national reach. As the BRD website is well-known across America for medical health, having these specialists in eye health is a great addition. 

BestRatedDocs.com is the brainchild of Dr. David Taylor, founded in 2016 and was established to improve healthcare through technology. While the website offers advice to patients and doctors on different pain and recovery techniques, it also offers buyer’s guides on different medical products. From the best knee braces to expensive wheelchairs, BestRatedDocs.com is your one-stop platform for everything ‘medicine’. 

Furthermore, from this acquisition, Florida Retina Consultants will be benefited by having a better reach across the nation and will also have their skill and research shared with the world. Healthcare should not be a secret. At BestRatedDocs.com, you can find the best medical techniques and ways to improve health standards. The website is well known across the USA and is gradually going to move to the international market. And as Dr. David Taylor stated, ‘It is always better to have the best on our team.’