Most Expensive Crutches You Can Buy If Money Is Not A Constraint

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A crutch is highly supportive medical equipment to those met with a minor accident, chronic affection, or recovering from surgery. A good pair of crutches enhances stability and offers support on a daily basis. 

There are different types of crutches available, each having some common and a few unique features. So, how can you make an ideal pick?

To ease this task, we share with you the list of most expensive crutches that are definitely worth buying.

Our List of the Most Expensive Crutches  

1. Thomas Fetterman Custom Black Phantom Carbon Fiber Crutches with LiteStix Cuff

Thomas Fetterman Custom Black Phantom Carbon Fiber Crutches with LiteStix Cuff and Tornado Air Tips (Pair)
  • Super lightweight – only one pound each – incredibly strong carbon fiber crutch tubes
  • Designed to maximize your comfort, support and stability
  • Fetterman LiteStix hinged nylon arm cuff and post with padded leather cuff inserts absorb shock and perspiration
  • Includes Tornado Air Fatigue-Reducing Crutch Tips - weighs 50% less than out Tornado gel tips and is highly wet-slip resistant
  • Sold by Thomas Fetterman – a leading US manufacturer of mobility products including crutches, tips, canes, and hand grips

The first crutch in our list is a lightweight and curvaceous model weighing just 1 pound and supporting up to 220 pounds. It avoids tendinitis and is comfortable to arm and wrist.

The black silicone covering and LiteStix Arm Cuff offers great comfort. It is highly resistant to wet-slips and comes with great shock absorption.

  • Super light
  • Strong carbon fiber tubes
  • Enhances stability, support, and comfort
  • Nylon arm cuff with padded leather cuffs
  • Shock absorption
  • Air fatigue-reducing crutch tips

2. Evav Walking Crutches Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Walking Canes with LED Light

Evav Walking Stick/Walking Crutches Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Walking Canes with LED Light Ergonomic Handle 10 Adjustable Height Levels for Elderly Men or Women Disabled Cane with 4 Legs Base
  • ● STAND EASILY IN ANY POSITION WITH THE UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOOT PIVOTING MECHANISM: We've designed this cane with maximum versatility for your peace of mind....
  • ● SLIP RESISTANT Rubber tip prevents falls and keeps you safe. The base provides better traction and supports your full weight while giving you the...
  • ● Advantage:The base gives you 4 points of contact for superior balance and stability, just like the human foot.Aluminium frame is lightweight,the lightweight...
  • ● Adjustable 10 Height: Our walking stick has 10 position to adjust. You can adjust the height into 10 different heights whichever you want. Such special...
  • ● The stylish handle is shaped to fit comfortably in either hand and the walking stick is supplied complete with a handy wrist strap as standard allowing you...

The Evav walking crutches are an ergonomically designed, lightweight model that is uniquely designed with a foot pivoting mechanism. It is a versatile product that allows comfortable standing in any position and on any surface. The slip-resistant tips prevent falls and keep you safe. It fully supports weight and gives excellent flexibility to walk, turn and run. It is a general-purpose crutch offering superior stability and balance.

  • Stylish handle fits perfectly to hand
  • Wrist strap allows using hand freely
  • Adjustable height
  • 4 points of contact offering great balance and support
  • Lightweight aluminum telescopic stick
  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Maintains balance in any position

3. Aluminium Alloy Crutches No-Slip Underarm Crutches Walker

Aluminum Alloy Crutches No-Slip, Underarm Crutches Walker, The Old Man's Walking Stick is Light and Adjustable, Suitable for Arthritis Recovery
  • · Specification: Small 94-115 cm, medium 113-134 cm, large 134-155 cm .
  • · Improved stability: Thanks to the soft underarm foam padding, our walking sticks offer more weight comfort for improved balance and reliability..
  • · Adjustable: The handles are adjustable in 5 positions,9 gear positions of the cane pole.
  • · Suitable for the crowd: fracture, sports inconvenience, elderly health care, arthritis. ....
  • · After-sales service: If you encounter any problems in the use process, please feel free to contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

With an aluminium structured body and anodized surface, this high-grade silver crutch is comfortable equipment. It comes with a comfy foam grip and a non-slip rubber mat. The padded underarm pads and handles can be adjusted to gain maximum comfort. The adjustable 9 gear positions of cane pole enhance stability and support more weight.


  • Lightweight and smart design
  • Adjustable handles and cane pole
  • Offers great support to the elderly and adults
  • Durable aluminum alloy body
  • Non-slip rubber mat
  • Padded handles and underarms

4. TCDWYF Knee Crutch/Knee Walker Scooter/Crutches Adult Hands Free/Crutch Alternative/Hands Free Crutch/Mobility Aids Health

TXDWYF Knee Crutch/Knee Walker Scooter/Crutches Adult Hands Free/Crutch Alternative/Hands Free Crutch/Mobility Aids Health Balance
  • Hands Free Crutch:It provides hands-free / pain-free mobility for people with leg disabilities and allows them to gradually recover the ability to live...
  • Various Usage Scenarios:Leg and foot injuries originally restricted the user's activities to a large extent, and basically said goodbye to going out, but our...
  • More Stable And Safer:It adopts ergonomics to design the force evenly, and the skid-proof base adapts to various road surfaces.
  • Simple Installation And Easy Operation:Installation only takes 10 minutes. You can adjust the height and elasticity of the cane according to your leg length....
  • The hands free crutch is the future of mobility. It gives you hands-free / pain-free mobility for below the knee non-weight bearing injuries. More important, it...

This hands-free crutch is a perfect solution for people with leg disability. It frees your hands while maintaining security. From walking stairs up and down, to feeding pet, to travel around, it offers you complete independence. It is lightweight and very easy to operate and simple to install. Along with pain free mobility, it offers complete support to your back and comes with adjustable width and height to make sure you gain maximum comfort.


  • Tool free assembly
  • Pain-free, hands-free movement
  • Adjustable width and height
  • Bearing capacity up to 120kg
  • Lightweight, aluminium body
  • High friction foot pad material
  • Conveniently converts for right or left leg

5. ZXQL Crutch Walking Aids, Walker Four Feet Old Man Walker Crutch Rehabilitation Boost Rack Foldable Walking Aids Bearing Strong

ZXQL Crutch Walking aids, Walker Four feet Old Man Walker Crutch Rehabilitation Boost Rack Foldable Walking aids Bearing Strong
  • A key to fold, convenient and effortless, without force, easy to carry, easy to go out
  • Non-slip armrest, long grip is not tired, effective seismic
  • PVC non-slip mat, meaning good toughness sheet metal, save a long time, the bottom non-slip texture
  • New lock hoop design, durable
  • Strong fixed, clamp in the stand pipe is fixed, in the cross-tube is interactive.

This foldable crutch is a great walking aid for adults offering unmatched convenience. It is easy to carry without force. The non-slip armrests offer lasting grip and effective seismic. The PVC non-slip mat and tough sheet construction provides great resistance to slip. It is a durable product with strong fixed clamps and interactive cross-tubes.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to fold and light
  • Helps walk and stand up
  • Perfect for travel
  • Non-slip bottoms
  • Rubber armrests

Tips to Pick the Best & Most Expensive Crutches

  • Type of Crutch

There are forearm and underarm crutches available. Pick the type that offers you maximum comfort and is easy to use.

  • Weight Bearing Capacity

Pick a crutch that holds excellent weight-bearing capacity and can offer complete support to your body.

  • Adjustable Height

You can pick a crutch as per your height or one that allows adjusting the height to different levels.

  • Ease of Use

The crutch must offer complete support to your body and lets you maintain a proper balance for each position. Check on how to use crutches.

  • Accessories

LED lights, spring adjustments, walking stick are some of the accessories that a crutch may hold. When investing money in a crutch, make sure it offers you great and additional features.

So, these are the important tips and the most expensive crutches available for purchase. Hopefully, you can easily make a pick.

Last updated on 2020-08-07 // Source: Amazon Affiliates