Group Health News ( Acquired by BestRatedDocs

Press Release: 5 Oct, 2018 | New York

Group Health News’s website has been acquired by Dr. David Taylor, founder of, informed the press about the development today. Under this development, the website will be moved under the umbrella of

Founded in 2009, Group Health News is an informative website known for providing trending news in medicine and health. With outstanding service from the top physicians in the state, GHS has always offered its customers with premium care and service. Just like, Group Health News has always kept the health care of America first. By Joining BRD, the clinical practices used by the professionals at GHS can be shared with the whole country within the BRD website. 

“The idea of bringing more healthcare brands within the BRD name is just a step towards a healthier tomorrow. We want to bring in professionals whose research can help the whole world, and Group Health News is a great addition with their expert clinical practices,” explains Dr. David Taylor. “Their skill, perfect track record, and resources can be used better without having to worry about getting more reach online. We (BRD) can help bring their techniques to the world.”, he added. 

Through this acquisition, GHN and BRD will be able to meet the commercial needs of not just the country but the entire world. By investing in the online presence of Group Health, the care and coverage of the workforce will expand to all people and communities. Susan Byington, Head of the GHN Board of Trustees, says, ‘This opportunity creates a better assurance that a higher standard of healthcare can be delivered keeping her family and the community healthy for years to come.’

Dr. David Taylor, the founder of, established the website in 2016 with a vision of using technology to improve healthcare. You could visit the website for information on ailments, diseases, and how to recover from them. BRD is known across America for its reliable buyer’s guides for equipment ranging from TENS units to crutches. In short, it’s a platform for medicine and everything medical. 

With their shared interest in healthcare, this acquisition is a perfect way to improve the health standards of people around the world. BRD is slowly moving to the international market, and having the professionals from GHN on board will substantially increase the value of the website.