Kolkata is another metropolitan city in India that is the state capital of West Bengal.

Kolkata is among the most populated cities in India and hence there are numerous hospitals and clinics in the region that caters to the varied needs of patients. Besides housing an excellent civil healthcare system, it is a home to numerous government and private nursing homes and healthcare centers. The State Health Department looks after most of the healthcare facilities of the city.

With 48 government hospitals and 366 private establishments, the healthcare sector in Kolkata sounds promising and booming as compared to other major cities in India. As per the recent census, there are 61.7 hospital beds per 10,000 people, which is higher than the national requirement of 9 hospital beds per 10,000 patients. This clearly indicates the attention and investment of government in Kolkata’s health sector.

The infrastructure of Kolkata includes medical colleges, dental colleges, nursing homes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical stores operating 24 x 7.

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