Ahmedabad is one of the business cities of India. Ahmedabad Medical School was created in 1871 and it became affiliated with the Civil Hospital in the city of Ahmedabad. It is one of the oldest medical colleges in India. It aspires to be among the best medical services providers in the country. To offer the best healthcare in Ahmedabad, the State Government has introduced advanced and finest healthcare solutions by establishing numerous medical colleges and hospitals, both government and private.

The government aims to facilitate good health for both locals and foreigners. As a result, these hospitals use advanced technology, holds state-of-class infrastructure, and deliver cost-effective facilities. The Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad is famous for being the largest Asian hospital spread across 110 acres with the capacity to house 4800 patients at a time. Besides this, there are numerous other hospitals and medical institutes that offer treatments for almost all sorts of diseases.

The State Institute of Health and Family Welfare in Ahmedabad strives to train professionals and offer training for good health and family welfare. Presently, the city has a good number of nursing homes, hospitals, ambulance services, health centers, and blood banks well-equipped with modern facilities and efficient staff.

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