The role of diet is vital in the development as well as prevention of various health disorders. Diet is an important aspect that impacts various health issues.

A nutritionist suggests with precise calories that are needed for a healthy weight gain and restricted calorie diet plan. If you are looking for the best dietician in Kolkata that can help you develop a good lifestyle then here we list the top 5 nutritionists in Kolkata that would help you avail the best of your health.

  1. Swapan Banerjee – Diet Fitness

Dr. Swapan Banerjee is one of the top dieticians in Kolkata. With years of experience and deep knowledge in the field, he is a top nutritionist with international repute.

He holds an experience of more than 22 years in the field of Dietetics, Nutrition, and food. His consultation is available through telephonic, digital, and video modes as per your convenience and preference. He is an expert prescribing diet and nutritional advice for all types of diseases like overweight, pediatric, obesity, and geriatric ailments.

He holds not just national, but international certifications in the field of diet and nutrition. Besides this, he holds a rich experience working with various reputed organizations of the region and a rich 17 years’ experience in nutrition and pharmaceutical industry. He offers lifestyles diet for ailments like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, body toning, weight management, depression, and stress. Also, he prescribes special diets for corporates, institutes, public and private sectors.

His strong educational background and rich background experience make him a perfect choice to be listed as one of the top nutritionists in Kolkata.

Address – No – 3, Milan Pally, Deshapriya Nagar, Colony Bazar, Gopal Bhaduri Library, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal

Website –

Phone Number – 09903167873

  1. Aparajita Saha – Nutri Diet

A pioneering nutritionist and expert Dietician in West Bengal, Aparajita Saha is an expert consult practicing in the field from 1978. She is an expert delivering obesity management, diet therapy, nutrition support, diet for health issues, and diet for kidney problems, gastrointestinal upsets, and more.

You can avail her dietary solutions for long-term permanent weight loss. You can visit her clinic to maintain health issues like obesity, diabetes, thyroid, and other issues. Her specialized services are diet chart for weight loss, personalized solutions to your needs, revision based on progress, real-time support solutions, and diet during pregnancy and lactation.

She also runs special programs such as free cancer detection, expert dietary advice for diabetes and cholesterol management, healthy cooking classes and tips, free health camps, and creating awareness on nutrition.

Address –41A Charu Avenue, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700033

Website –

Phone Number – 03324240033

  1. Juhi Mimani – JM Nutrition

The founder and chief nutritionist and health expert of JM Nutrition, Juhi Mimani is another best dietician in Kolkata.

From a very early age, she wanted to make a mark in the society. Her passion directed her towards fitness, health, and food. She completed her qualifications from U.K. and instigated to delve deeper into the connection between healthy lifestyle and food. She has worked in various reputed hospitals in Kolkata, like Belle Vue Clinic Kolkata.

With her practical understanding and detailed experience of Therapeutic Nutrition, she has been successful to help a large number of people to gain afit and healthy body. Her focus is always on ways to cure various medical conditions and ailments with the aid of a proper and nutritious diet.

JM Nutrition, her private nutritional clinic was found in 2013 with the intention to make society comprehend the importance of a healthy diet as a core part of the healthy living. Also, she is the head nutritionist atAddlife Gym and Caring Minds.Besides this, she is also associated with Ranbaxy, Association of Diabetes Educators, Diabetes Awareness and You, WIPRO GE Healthcare, BD Medical India, and Real Yoga, a unit of Real Yoga Singapore.

In addition to this, she practices Meditation, Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates. She also specializes in Weight Management and believes diet to be an integral aspect of healthy lifestyle.

Address – JM Nutrition, 10, Lord Sinha Road, Flat 10A, Ankur Apartments

Website –

Phone Number – 9830503818

  1. Madhulika Gandhi – Nutrifit

Another finest nutritionist in Kolkata is Dr. Madhulika Gandhi. With a firm belief in taking the best care of the body, she is a confident, happy going, and versatile personality.

She believes that when we eat healthily then we are more confident and independent person. This shapes our lives and offers a better feel for our well-being. After completing her graduation in Finance she became a Chartered Accountant. Despite earning a handsome salary, she had a strong zeal towards fitness and health. Her passion and consciousness for fitness and health grew so strong that she moved on and studied dietetics.

Presently she holds a great qualification in nutrition and health and specializes in blood group diets and weight management. With her strong knowledge and understanding of individual needs, she has been able to develop a vast clientele base already. Her specialized services include therapeutic diets, diet management for weight loss, rapid weight loss management, and blood type diets.

Besides these specialized services, you can avail her consultation to combat numerous lifestyle disorders. Hence, if you are looking for expert advice on your health and nutrition matter then she is one of the best experts available in your town.

Address – 13a arch waterfront, block-up, plot-f4, floor no. 13, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Website –

Phone Number – 9903048734

  1. Subhamita Debnath– Dietician Subhamita

If you are looking for a healthy and fit way to eating then Dr. Subhamita can be your trusted companion on this journey.

Besides being one of the reputed nutritionists and dieticians in Kolkata, she is an experience rich professional who holds a comprehensive client base all across India. Whether small or big, she executes every requirement of her patients with absolute dedication and professionalism. Her specialized services include personalized diet charts, weight management, diet for diabetes and cholesterol management, diet for heart disease management, diet for lifestyle disorders management.

She believes that besides healthy and nutritious diet a person needs to practice physical activities in order to avail complete well-being of his health. Hence, she structures a diet as well as a workout chart for her patients to help them achieve the best of their health in the short possible time.

Hence, if you want the best for your health then you can consult this expert and practice health expert in Kolkata.

Address – P/199, Block A, 700089, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700089

Website –

Phone Number – 09051402435


These are our top 5 dieticians in Kolkata. No matter what your health concern is, if you want to get rid of it and wish to treat it to the fullest, then consult these experts and get yourself the best solutions.